The Jung of the Salarjung ! (pics)

The Jung of the Salarjung !

Only 6 of us turned up at last. Me, Kartheek(K), Avinash, Parthu, Rakesh etc.. (All the others had some other works-Madhava with his relatives, Yellakanti with his UPS, Shashi, Prasanna, Vishnu went to their respective places, Shiva, Deva in thier houses,etc). We ended up at the museum after some trouble with the buses. We waited for the tickets for a while, took the tickets(10/- for Indians, 150/- for non-Indians). While the Nijams collection was 50/- per head the museum seemed very economically sufficient. The queue was long with all the school children waiting for their turn. We were "thoroughly" checked for carrying any illegal goods or explosives. But Me and Parthu got out with our mobiles(all these pics are from my mobile). Anyways, the first two rooms were boring with pictures of Salarjung families and portraits of them. The next rooms were good enough to hold us for a while.

What with all the

An Unexpected Dhoom !!!

Lab Externals....

Lab Externals were a bit difficult this semister, but they seemed a lot easier than what I had experienced last year(5 labs...Hell). First 1-30 had the ECA on 30th and the 31-60 had PDC. Vice Versa the next day.

First Lab External:

The Second batch said the PDC was a piece of cake except for the viva. Shaki Mom(Shashi Kanth,Chennakesava Reddy) was said to have done some mischief with his Bistable-Monostable Drama, but he thought he covered it well. 1/4 Bajji(Vamshi) and Madhav got the same Monostable multivibrator. Vamshi was supposed to be "VERY WELL PREPARED". So the people who got monostable(I think it was 5 members) managed to get out with Vamshi's help. Now coming to the preparation, I think everyone was "VERY WELL PREPARED". I mean who would not, with 13 experiments and Astable, Monostable, Bistable multivibrators and stuff. Deva got Flip-Flops. Ashish, I think he got the Logic Gates. This Ashish has always been lucky with the labs. He got the "Transistor as a Switch".

The first batch's ECA lab was cool(as far as boys are concerned-I don't know about girls). We were called in a bit late. I and Shiva were kind of wishing that we would get the experiments with Multisim because we wouldn't need to draw the graphs and stuff.Most of us got CS Amplifier with Multisim(Babai said Jakkanna(Rakesh) wrote Multi'slim' instead of Multisim in his record). Babai(Vishnu),Vinay got CS amplifier as well. Prasanna got the RC coupled Amplifier. The Multisim lab was packed with CSC second year girls(!!). So we had to go one by one to the lab. Then there was this problem of getting the printouts. The Viva was hard as usual, but I managed to get 5 out of 5(impression I persume).

Babai's viva was very interesting, so he told me. He prepared only this-"BJT is a BI-POLAR device".But Sir asked him "What is a Diode?". Before this poor fellow can answer, Sir saw Vishnu's face and said "Leave the diode, but tell me the applications of Diode". This Fellow who just knows what a diode is, pulled up a blank face. And for his o/p in the computer, Sridhar gave him a white paper. When Babai asked him what it was, Sridhar said, "Ade Vayya, Nee Output(Thats your o/p asshole)". This fellow couldn't take the insult and asked everyone to call him Konda, from then.

Second Lab External:

We had PDC today and the second batch had ECA. Dont know much about how they did their thing. Ashish said he got CS Amplifier, Maddy got the Wein-Bridge Oscillator. Ashish said he did not get the output of the amplifier, so he shorted the i/p and o/p to get the o/p. Of others I dont know. Ganesh said that in his Viva he was asked "What is Regulator?". This fellow answered cleverly "It is a ckt which give sine o/p without any i/p". But that was the answer of the question of Oscillator but not Regulator. But he got a point for telling that the negative feedback is used in Oscillator. Shivakar and Kartheek(K) said they have told that it was Postive feedback and their marks were cut(I would have given the same Answer).

PDC lab was in no way fun. Madhav told me " Arrey Nuvvu Anukuntunnattu antha kashtam emi kaadu, Chala easy ga avuthundi(It wont be as hard as you think, it would be easy)" But I got the Flip Flops and that was in no way easy. I had to show all four of the o/p's to ma'am(kati). Ajay, Bhojya and Sravanth had some problems with their o/p's. Sravanth's IC 7402 had been burnt, but he did not notice it till the end, I think.

Bhojya is a very special case here. He said he doesn't know the monostable connection. So I told him to short the wires of the same color. But this guy puts all Black wire together. It took me some time to come over the thing and I had to tell him again and again to put the wires in the hole of the same colors. Ajay struggled for some time but in the end, I think he got it. Viva was hard as usual. But I think I gave the faculty a hard time than what they thought they had given me. Anyways I answered the questions pretty well and got home on Rajesh's Passion. Ashish got home on Prasanna's Vehicle.

Spectrum Fever.....

Big demand for Spectrum this week or I daresay this month. People can't wait to get their hands on the Spectrum series. I dont fancy spectrum much, but just seeing the students asking about it makes you crazy. Well you have to agree that it may be a life-saver for some. I like Vijayam better although I prefer the good old Text books better. But I do want to try this Spectrum this one time.

Didn't see much of Bajji today, but Anirudh had a bit of a problem with his attendance as did Shivakar(Vikas got out of this pretty well!). Stayed in the lab for about 2 periods (got kicked out of ES class - not literally)

Just this morning, recieved a message from 7hills that spectrum hit the market last night. So there was enthusiasm all over and "Business" for some too bcos they were engaged to buy the All-in-one for them. Anyways I took a half-day leave today but soon went to Koti to buy Spectrum with Avinash on his 'Pulsar'. We bought 6 copies(me, Avinash, Madhav,Giri,Prasanna etc..) , so all in all we got each one for 275/- after some bargaining of course. Ashish was pretty excited about the spectrum releasing(nothing special in that). Went to Kartheek's (Y) house stayed there for a while and returned home. Left Madhav for 277U(U for UpperGuda) at 7.30. It rained pretty heavily today.

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