Spectrum Fever.....

Big demand for Spectrum this week or I daresay this month. People can't wait to get their hands on the Spectrum series. I dont fancy spectrum much, but just seeing the students asking about it makes you crazy. Well you have to agree that it may be a life-saver for some. I like Vijayam better although I prefer the good old Text books better. But I do want to try this Spectrum this one time.

Didn't see much of Bajji today, but Anirudh had a bit of a problem with his attendance as did Shivakar(Vikas got out of this pretty well!). Stayed in the lab for about 2 periods (got kicked out of ES class - not literally)

Just this morning, recieved a message from 7hills that spectrum hit the market last night. So there was enthusiasm all over and "Business" for some too bcos they were engaged to buy the All-in-one for them. Anyways I took a half-day leave today but soon went to Koti to buy Spectrum with Avinash on his 'Pulsar'. We bought 6 copies(me, Avinash, Madhav,Giri,Prasanna etc..) , so all in all we got each one for 275/- after some bargaining of course. Ashish was pretty excited about the spectrum releasing(nothing special in that). Went to Kartheek's (Y) house stayed there for a while and returned home. Left Madhav for 277U(U for UpperGuda) at 7.30. It rained pretty heavily today.

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