The Jung of the Salarjung ! (pics)

The Jung of the Salarjung !

Only 6 of us turned up at last. Me, Kartheek(K), Avinash, Parthu, Rakesh etc.. (All the others had some other works-Madhava with his relatives, Yellakanti with his UPS, Shashi, Prasanna, Vishnu went to their respective places, Shiva, Deva in thier houses,etc). We ended up at the museum after some trouble with the buses. We waited for the tickets for a while, took the tickets(10/- for Indians, 150/- for non-Indians). While the Nijams collection was 50/- per head the museum seemed very economically sufficient. The queue was long with all the school children waiting for their turn. We were "thoroughly" checked for carrying any illegal goods or explosives. But Me and Parthu got out with our mobiles(all these pics are from my mobile). Anyways, the first two rooms were boring with pictures of Salarjung families and portraits of them. The next rooms were good enough to hold us for a while.

What with all the

An Unexpected Dhoom !!!