An Unexpected Dhoom !!!

The semister finals have come and gone. I don't want to get out the bad moments again. So I'll not discuss about it.

And now after what seemed like a lifetime, we are having holidays. And no good Movies in line. Well, not yet. I expected much more from Dhoom2 but it turned us down. There was a lot of unnecessary stuff in that movie. After the SS final, 15 of us went to 'Dhoom2' (Me, Madhava, Vishnu, Rakesh, Sitaram, Chaitanya, Shashi Kanth, Shiva, Deva, Prasanna, Avinash, Kartheeks (both yellakanti and BPK)etc...). Took the tickets 2 hours earlier. Shivakar and Vikas had 'some other work' so they had to go. We had a lot of time so we went to the Saroornagar lake. Had some good time down there. Some of them had their 'Jatakam' told. It was funny for some time till everyone started wasting their money on that. After the Dhoom2 pic everyone had gone their way (after some night time strolling of course). I don't want to go into the details of the movie(you know why!). We had planned to meet on Sunday for the SalarJung Museum trip at 9 A.M. sharp at the over bridge in Dilsukhnagar.