1.Group...2.Duo(Rajesh and Appu)...3.K.Mukherjee...4.Duo

You all must have watched the infamous movie "HAPPY DAYS" by Shekhar Kammula. Ya, I know it was good, and it reminded all of us of the good times(and bad times) we've had in our Engineering college lives

You remember Rajesh - "the careless, but friendly and often rude and innocent" guy's character in that movie? And Kamalinee Mukherjee, the Communication Lecturer? How he proposes to the English lecturer and how she reacts to that by giving him a box of love letters various students had given her over the years? And when Rajesh asks her to attend the Birthday party of a friend, she gives him a 'copy of a poem' and tells him that she will come if he recites it to her by the end of that day. And how Rajesh works very hard to recite it and fails in the hands of "Khushi" trickster. And finally that same poem comes in handy to get him a job in Wipro. Well you may have wondered at least five times why I am telling you this crap when all of you already know it. I know, that you already know the story by heart, but that is not the point I am trying to make here.

My point, my base point, point of concentration, center of attention, fundamental point......ok, I will stop.....is the poem. If you know about if, if you have already read if, if you have seen if somewhere, if you have watched someone reading if, or even glancing across if, and if you remember something by reading if, if you felt like you read if somewhere then you are probably right(by the way this sentence is grammatically correct, I've just deleted the punctuation marks '').

The poem I'm speaking about is "IF-" by "Joseph Rudyard Kipling". We(Intermediate 2003-2005) had it in our first year Intermediate in our English Course. If you haven't read it or unable to recall it, I've typed the whole thing. I just love this poem. Even though I tried about a thousand times, I was unable to by heart it. Hope you succeed.

Its a father's counsel to his son who is on his way to make name and fame in the whole wide world. It covers everything and can be used as a remainder in every situation. I wont suspend it further. Here is the poem

-Joseph Rudyard Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream- and not make dreams your master;
If you can think- and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;

If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for tools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn, of pitch-and-toss,
And loose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them:"Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings-nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much;

If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And - which is more- you'll be a Man, my son!

Try and understand the meaning of it. I would have given an explanation for each paragraph but I don't think you'll read it. Hope you learn something from it.

List of Seminar Topics to help you

Its an even semister. If you don't know what an even semister is(I did not know till very recently), then 1st year, 2nd year 1st semister, 3rd year 1st semister, 4th year 1st semister are all odd semister(1st semister odd, 2nd semister even). And all the other semisters are even. So, since we are in 3-2, its an even semister. And being an even semister, the National level technical symposiums are the most happening things now. All the guys and gals are trying to present a paper or poster or project in a handful of the symposiums so that they could get the certificates which could help fill the void in their resumes.

So since people have been asking me what topic they need to present, and where they should get a topic from, I've decided to shortlist the available topics and post'em in a single place. So after spending a couple of hours, I've got a very many good topics which could be presented. And I am posting them as a single post. I don't think I could post everything about every topic, so I just am giving the topic headings and you look after the rest. Hope this helps.


BrainGate was developed by the bio-tech company Cyberkinetics in 2003 in conjunction with the Department of Neuroscience at Brown University. The device was designed to help those who have lost control of their limbs, or other bodily functions. The computer chip, which is implanted into the brain, monitors brain activity in the patient and converts the intention of the user into computer commands ...

Micro Display

There are two amazing things about our brain that makes television possible. The first thing is that if we divide the image into charge number of color dots our brain will reproduce again into the meaningful picture or image. These small colored dots are called pixels. The second thing is that if we divide a moving scene into sequential still pictures and show the still images in rapid successinour brain will re-assemble the moving scene again...

Artificial Eye

The retina is a thin layer of neural tissue that lines the back wall inside the eye. Some of these cells act to receive light, while others interpret the information and send messages to the brain through the optic nerve. This is part of the process that enables us to see. In damaged or dysfunctional retina, the photoreceptors stop working, causing blindness. By some estimates, there are more than 10 million people worldwide affected by retinal diseases that lead to loss of vision....

Featuring Pictures and Video

The Featured pictures (Oh...how they'll hate me for this) of some eminent personalities which I've acquired with great difficulties(wow..that rhymes)are presented here. So please appreciate their effort for such handsome .... and me for the effort I've put in to get'em and re-editing them so that they can be seen. I won't publish the names of course(as if that is a grace....what'll it matter after I've posted their pictures and not posting their names).

No need for/of an introduction, I supppose
This picture passed from hand to hand till it reached me. Actually there were two of these pics, but one was mutilated(by whom? you ask me....). So there he is.

An excerpt from Ashok's Diary

I sat thinking this evening about what to post in ecerocks. There was always something or other to post about, be it about the class or abstract things or even about myself(although I haven't yet written a separate post about myself...hehe....).

Kept thinking and thinking, and while thinking about thinking of a new way of thinking, so that thinking of it makes me think of new thinking ideas, I thought about a silly and absurd thing to post. I just saw my 2006 diary(No need of exclamation marks....I do maintain a diary from time to time), and was going through our first year memories when this crazy thought came to me.

Why not combine these three things(about the class, abstract things with a bit of myself) and post it. So there I arrived at a conclusion to post an excerpt from my diary. But I did not want to post irrelavent topics about how I saw a beautiful girl at xxxxxx, or how I beat the crap out of Ashish or something like that.

To Remember Me....

To Remember Me....

The day will come when my body will lie
upon a white sheet neatly tucked under four corners of a mattress located in a hospital busily occupied with the living and the dying. At a certain moment a doctor will determine that my brain has ceased to function and that, for all intents and purposes, my life has stopped.

When that happens, do not attempt to instill artificial life into my body by the use of a machine. And don't call this my death bed. Let it be called the bed of Life, and let my body be taken from it to help others lead fuller lives.

Give my sight to the man who has never seen a sunrise, a baby's face or love in the eyes of a woman. give my heart to a person whose own heart has caused nothing but endless days of pain. give my blood to the teenager who was pulled from a wreckage of his car, sot that he might live to see his grandchildren play. Give my kidneys to one who depends on a machine to exist from week to week. Take my bone, every muscles, every fibre and nerve in my body and find a way to make a crippled child walk.

Death and Life

I don't know what you expected after reading the title "Death and Life". Particularly why I placed Life after death will be explained later. Although I do not believe in Life after death and such things, I am very curious and interested in the various view points of others in this matter. I can go as far to say that I get a kind of satisfaction reading these things. I've read this in "Tibetan Book of the Dead"(no I haven't literally completed it). So read this wonderful excerpt from the book about Death and Rebirth and the way it is told....wow. Don't worry, it is in the form of a story and I am sure you will find it interesting, although it is a little long.


He was old. He felt old. His body did not work right anymore, and he
was always tired. His eyes were rheumy, and there were pains in his
joints that woke him in the cold night time.

One night, as he slept, a soft white light filled his hut. He looked
up, and saw the most beautiful Lady he had ever seen standing in the

“Who are you?” he whispered.

Death,” She answered, quietly.

“Death?” His reply was confused. “I never thought Death would be
so beautiful! We have always pictured you as some kind of spectre of

The Lady smiled. “You only fear Death because you do not remember it.
Just as you fear Life, because you do not remember it. Come. Walk with
me, and be at peace.”

He got out of the straw bed, and walked to Her. She took his hand, and
he looked back at the bed. He saw his body, laying there. Still and
unmoving. Dead.

3 - 1 Results 'out' and ab'out'

Many of you might not like a topic on results....atleast most of you don't.

Well, I ain't gonna back up in this one.....I think the results were uploaded around 8 P.M. IST. Sevenhills rang me up and asked me to see the 're'sults. The Indiaresults.com was very slow on this one though as the results were available first in jntu.ac.in. Although jntu.ac.in hosted the results it was primitive(most primitive) when compared to the response offered by Indiaresults. I got the page with the roll no query all right, but when I hit the "Go" button, there's this trademark message filling the screen "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" which pulled a long sigh out of me. I doubted if the results were really out in the open when Maddy called and told me that one of his friends had already got his marks(70% if I could remember it right). So I kept trying and trying and trying for one whole hour amid phone calls and IM's and SMS'. At long last God decided to show some mercy on me(by the way, I am an agnostic) and presented the screen with the results.

I continued with the searching and refreshing the page for others results. I opened the Mozilla Firefox with some 10 tabs and went on clicking "Reload" one each and everyone of them. After some tiresome 10 mins, had to open Internet Explorer and started the whole process all over again. I succeeded in getting some 10-12 results and I notified them. Seeta called to tell me that the results were coming soon, and I think I surprised them that they were already out. (I could clearly make out Vishnu's astonishment in the background). Then Deva called and told me that the results were up and running in Indiaresults. So leeched all the results into a single file and uploaded it for later recollection. You can get them here.

Overall the class performance, I have to say, increased a lot this sem. Although the percentages are a bit out of the box, but the pass percentage is more that the last sem. I mean, nobody(no boy) has failed in more than 2 subjects(except Raghavendra and Durga Prasad who were absent due to health problems). And almost 96 percent of the failed guys have AWP as a backlog. And those 'special' guys would do themselves a huge favor by clearing it as they will certainly not be able to clear it if they keep it till the end.

Anyways, another semister gone and a new dawn in the face.(I don't honestly think it as a new dawn as we did not have holidays this time, but had to use some dramatic conclusion, you know). Guys who have learnt that they have to work hard this time, best of luck and don't turn back to those "Ideal B. Tech Student's Habits"(I think I will write a post on it, it sounds good).

Keep on looking at the '+' sign in the center. Don't blink. Or dont avert or turn your eyes anywhere except the '+' sign in the center. Keep on looking. Don't lose the concentration and stray to the pink dots. After some time you''ll start noticing that the pink dots start vanishing and green dots replace them. Even if you don't notice those green dots, you must have atleast noticed the disappearace of the pink dots. If you haven't noticed any change then I think you need heavy medical supervision. I have a good friend who also happens to be a doctor. So if you need any recommendations on that, you can always come to me.


Felix Timer....My first Full-Fledged Application

Here at last is my first Application. Although its only useful for those people who are using a BSNL Internet Connection with a Rs. 500/- Plan and are lazy enough not to get up at 2.00 in the morning to start their downloads and again sit in front of the PC at 8.00 A.M. to stop the started downloads.

It is very funny how this idea came up. I was trying to develop a virus in my Second Year(especially for Ashish), and it took me around 16-18 days to complete it(No, I am not going to publish it). Well, most of the days (around 13) went for learning the AutoHotKey Scripting Lanugage and its numerous functions and variables. Now, the idea for this Enabling/Disabling LAN during the Limited hours came when we were discussing it in the class during lunch. All I needed was the method in which I could retrieve the list of LAN's in a PC or its NIC's. I did not exactly write the whole of this code actually but borrowed the base code from SEAN, an autohotkey community member. All I had to do was to formulate a timing pattern which took most of my time. Its 12.02 A.M. and I am very excited(however useless my application is) as the application is working very well and as designed. And forgive me for the Name - "Felix Timer", I couldn't resist myself.

Here is the source code of the App along with its Help document

File Name: Help.txt

I developed this application with the BSNL Internet Connection Rs.500/- plan in my mind. So I would advice only those users using the aforementioned Plan to use this Application.

Must do::

Go to Control Panel>Network Connections and
RENAME THE INTERNET CONNECTION IN NETWORK CONNECTIONS AS "BSNL Internet" (without the quotes). The application won't work if it is not renamed correctly.

All this application does is

1. To enable the LAN connection betweeen 2.10 A.M. and 7.50 A.M.
2. To disable the LAN connection when the time is not betweeen 2.10 A.M. and 7.50 A.M.

The application is present at the bottom-left corner of the taskbar in the shape of a "H" with a green background.

To Stop the Script, Right-click on the "H" icon and select "Exit"
To pause the Script at any time, Right-click on the Green "H" icon and select "Pause Script"
To Re-enable the Script, Right-click on the Red "H" icon and remove the tick on "Pause Script"
Clicking on "Suspend Hotkeys" has no effect on the app. as I did not use any.
The application is named "Felix Timer.exe" in the task-manager processes tab. Do not Kill it when you are using the application.
The Files of this program are extracted to "c:\ProgramFiles\FelixTimer"

To Manually Enable/Disable LAN connections, Click on 'Start' and go to 'Connect to' and select 'Show all connections". Then right click on any network in the list and Disable it.

No copyrights. No patents. No trademarks of my own. AutoHotkey is a registered Freeware and all the Patents, copyrights and trademarks are owned by it. You may use this app for Non-commercial Purposes.
This software is tested only in XPSP2. So I am not responsible for any crashes or disturbances it causes in you PC. Use it at your OWN RISK.(Not that it contains any trojans)
I would like to thank Sean of AutoHotKey Community for his base code of "Enable/Disable a Network Connection" and his "Cohelper.ahk" library. Contact me for the source code at http://ecerocks.blogspot.com/

File Name: Felix Timer.ahk

#singleinstance ignore
#Include CoHelper.ahk
settimer, rep,2000 ;repeat this label for every 2 seconds

rep: ;this is a label

hour=%A_Hour% ;current hour
min=%A_Min% ;current minute

if( (hour>02) and (hour<7)>
{ NetConnect(1)
;Msgbox %A_Hour% %A_Min% within limits
else if(hour=2 and min>9)
{ NetConnect(1)
;Msgbox %A_Hour% %A_Min% within limits
else if(hour=7 and min<50)
{ NetConnect(1)
;Msgbox %A_Hour% %A_Min% within limits
{ NetConnect(0)
;Msgbox %A_Hour% %A_Min% Off limits

;Sleep, 5000

NetConnect(bEnable = False, sConnection = "BSNL Internet")
psh := ActiveXObject("Shell.Application")

pns := Invoke_(psh, "Namespace", 3, CSIDL_Connections:=0x0031)
pitems := Invoke(pns, "Items")

Loop, % Invoke(pitems, "Count")
pid := Invoke_(pitems, "Item", 3, A_Index-1)
If (Invoke(pid, "Name") = sConnection)
bRes := True

If !bRes

pverbs := Invoke(pid, "Verbs")
pvb := Invoke_(pverbs, "Item", 3, nVB:=0)

If pvb
sVerbName := Invoke(pvb, "Name")
If (bEnable && InStr(sVerbName, "&a")) || (!bEnable && InStr(sVerbName, "&b")) ; &a and &b can be Language dependent.
Invoke(pvb, "DoIt")
WinWait, %sConnection% ahk_class #32770,, 1


return ; end settimer

File Name: Felix_Timer_Setup.ahk

MsgBox, 4,Felix Timer Setup, Install Felix Timer?
IfMsgBox Yes
FileCreateDir, %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer

FileInstall,Felix Timer.exe, %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer\Felix Timer.exe,1
FileInstall, Help.txt, %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer\Help.rtf,1
FileCreateShortcut %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer\Felix Timer.exe, %A_Desktop%\Felix Timer.lnk, %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer, ,A LAN Enable/Disable Timer

FileCreateShortcut %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer\Felix Timer.exe, %A_StartMenu%\Felix Timer.lnk, %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer, ,A LAN Enable/Disable Timer

FileCreateShortcut %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer\Help.rtf, %A_StartMenu%\Help for Felix Timer.lnk, %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer, ,Help for Felix Timer

MsgBox Rename the Internet Connection in Control Panel > Network Connections as "BSNL Internet"(without the quotes). The application wont work if its not done properly.

Run %A_ProgramFiles%\Felix Timer\Help.rtf,,Max


IfMsgBox No
MsgBox Then why bother clicking it. So you don't have a BSNL LAN Connection with Rs.500 Plan? Then never mind this application.

File Name: CoHelper.ahk -- Sean from AutoHotkey Community.

Happy Day's Happy Days.

Happy Days Gang(Me not included...)

We planned the movie on Tuesday, October 2nd. As it was a holiday(Gandhi Jayanthi) many were expected to turn out for the movie. The initial talk about the movie was good. That the movie was about b.tech students life and as we all know Shekhar Kammula tries to portray the reality in the reelity(my invention). So we thought that the rush at the theatre would be huge. We all decided to meet at Shiva-Ganga in Dilsukhnagar at 10.30 A.M. for the 12.00 P.M. Morning show.

Due to the time management of Maddy and other stuff like that and following the Standard Code of Indian Time, I was a good half hour late. That meant:Pardhu, Maddy, Kartheek and Me reached the theatre at 11.00 A.M.

We were in a hurry to park the vehicle, so did not notice the small part of the HUGE HUGE and HUGE crowd at the gate. After we parked the vehicle, we began noticing that we were in the middle of a pacific of humans waiting for the theatre.
Turnout at the Theatre. The girls didn't fit in my small lens.
(This was after the tickets were sold out)

We found our pals ALL OF THEM SITTING ON THE RAILING AND LAUGHING AND WAVING AT US. So we naturally thought that they were able to obtain the tickets for the movie(however improbable...no impossible that may be). When we reached there Vishnu we had a conversation something like this:

Having a Laugh.......at OURSELVES

Vishnu: Enduku babai, intha thvaraga vacharu? Inkoddiga latega ravalasindhi

Me: Antha easy ga dorikaya ra.....? Kani ikkada chusthe line intha peddaga undi?

Vishnu: Line gurinchi manakendhuku babai....Ippudu mana problem entante, matinee varaku manam Saroornagar park lo undhama leka room ki velli vadhama....

Me: So you did not get the tickets?

Vishnu: Ekkada ....LINE LO GAP DORIKITHE KADHA...Morning vachamu 10.00 A.M. ki....Maga valla kante Aadavalle ekkuvunnaru...

Me: Chusthene thelusthundi....Mari intha mandhi inka line lo enduku ninchunnaru....? Tickets inka unnaya?

Vishnu: Tickets aa!!! Em matladuthunnav babai...Ee janalani chusthe neeku inka tickets migilayanipisthundha.....

Me: Ok, then we'll wait for the 3.00 P.M. Matinee show....

So, after discussing with the other guys, we decided to wait for the matinee in the line.

We were totally around 18 guys.....

Chaitanya Sravanth, Kartheek Y, Rajesh, Ajay, Seetaram, Prasanna, Venu, Rakesh, Naresh, Ashish, Pardhu, Shiva Reddy, Shivakar, Maddy, Vishnu, Srinivas(7hills) and Me(My brother joined us later).

And there we stood, about 50% of the boys of ECE-III section of Sphoorthy Engineering college standing 10 feet from the Ticket Counter waiting for the commencement of issues. We waited from 11.00 A.M. to 1.45 P.M(almost 3 hours) in the queue waiting and waiting. No, I think we were also pushing and pulling each other.

At the Counter .....just 10 feet away

Heroes of the cause

Anyways, the counter opened and the Kali Kaal had finally come to an end. We did not even move a single stinking inch forward, but it was announced that all the tickets were sold out. You should have seen our faces then, came for the morning show, waited for the matinee and still did not get the tickets. My thoughts at that moment were "LIKE HELL, I DID NOT WAIT TILL NOON FOR NOTHING. I DID NOT WASTE HALF THE DAY FOR NOTHING". I think the other guys were thinking along the same lines. So we decided to go to "Vijayalaxmi" theatre at L.B.Nagar. So Pardhu and I started early on his bike and stood in the queue at the theatre calling and waiting for the others. The others came and joined us in the line. When we thought that everything was okay, someone behind us asked the watchman for what show were the tickets being sold. "Evening Show", he answered.

N-Series Dudes at Vijayalaxmi Counter

We were all left speechless. Well, after so much waiting and roaming I left the feeling of feelings long behind me. So I convinced others that we stay and see this damn movie and be done with it once and for all. So we took 18 tickets(Shiva left early cos he did not want to be late) and dispersed agreeing to meet at 6.30 P.M. Went to Maddy's along with 7hills and watched the cricket(atleast they watched) till the time came. Joined the others at the theatre after not much hustle. Agreeing to Shout till our voices would be raw, we entered the theatre. Shout, we did(Shaki mom....a lot) and enjoyed we did too. Left the theatre on a happy note with a different kind of feeling, recognising whats missing in our college life and whats not. How much friends are a part of your life, how they influence each other, stand up for each other at the time of need and help each other. A memorable experience of standing in line(was my first time) and waiting for a 'movie'. Coming to love, I am a novice in experience but very experienced in observation and inference.

So concluding this tiresome session with a happy note.......Adios

New Year Pics & Express Yourself Ad by Asish :)

Here is an Express Yourself Ad by Ashish......Please do appreciate his sincere effort

My Experience at Cynosure 2K7

The presentation in Karshak Engineering College - Cynosure 2K7 (a branch of Aurora Technological and Research Institute) was an interesting experience from the participation point of view as well as from the organizing's. I was impressed with the design of the Cygnosure site (http://cynosure2k7.org) itself as no other Symposium site had a help desk and as the dignitary said the designer deserves himself "A PAT IN THE BACK" . The help desk provided a way of clarification of all the uncertainties and corrections. The reply to any problem was answered within an hour. So naturally my expectations were high and I was not disappointed. Apart from the time management everything went smoothly and in an organized way.

The first problem was the notification time of the selected participants. The event was on 12 and 13 of Oct and we were notified (some of us) just about 13 hours for the preparation. Although many would not consider this a big problem, but the first time participants like me had to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. I had to stay up for the whole night to develop it. We were asked to be at Uppal X road by 8.30 A.M sharp. But as I mentioned earlier the only problem was the time management. Anyways, I had my own means of transport so I reached the college a good half-hour early and was asked to sit in the Presentation rooms on the ground floor. So I had a 'general' walk around to get the feel of the place. Though the building was still under construction the general layout of the architecture was brilliant. The rooms were spacious and in a semi-circular fashion with seats arranged in a level-by-level fashion so that everyone in the hall had a good view of the presenter. Every hall was equipped with a PC and a projector.

The students of Aurora had a dress code (blue denim jeans with a white shirt) and were easily distinguishable from the participants. By the time most of the participants arrived and the registrations commenced it was around 10. After the registration was complete (each participant were given a file enclosure with the plan of the building and some essentials like a notepad, pen and lunch coupons) we were asked to assemble in the Auditorium present in the top floor. The Symposium was commenced after an exhausting couple of hours of speeches by the dignitaries(Management seminar, IEEE Seminar which was full of plans for IEEE students and I suppose it made sense to them - my friend even slept for half-hour) we were shown the way to the lunch hall.

The events commenced after the lunch. Different groups (ECE, CSE....) were allocated different halls. I was allocated room no. 109 and was supposed to give the presentation along with EEE students. Most of the participants were enthusiastic and presented their topics well enough. The judges were strict and asked pretty hard questions. I restrained myself from asking questions as the participants were vexed enough with the judges and also because I myself was tensed up (its my first presentation after all). Giri kept his cool all along (Sandeep Giri was my partner in the event from Sree Indu). In spite of all the nervousness, our presentation went quite well and after the queries round, one of the judges even appreciated us that it was a different topic but a good one. We waited to watch some of the other presentations and made mental notes not to make the mistakes others were making the next time. We went to participate in some of the 'On-the-spot' events and were told that they were postponed for the morrow. We were each given some papers with riddles and we spent some time solving those (some of them were pretty interesting actually). We called it a day and left the college.

We came a little late on 13 as the presentation of the certificates wont take place till the end of the event. The second day wasn't as eventful as the first because our presentation was over. Met Karthik and Chaitanya along with some of the girls of CSE (6 of them) in room 215(or am I wrong?). Spent the rest of the time in the auditorium lazing around till 4 as none of us were interested in the LAN gaming (NFS and Counterstrike). On-the spot events – adventure and floor crossing captured the participants' attention immediately. The conclusion ceremony was delayed by a good hour and we were stuck in the hall till 7 in the evening. Though the speech by Satyam's HR was interesting, the participants were tired and it was late already. After the distribution of the Certificates we dispersed to our own destinations.

Overall, I would call the event a successful one. The most noticeable thing in the whole event was the hospitality and the energy of the organizers. They were polite, friendly and always eager to point the participants in the right direction. Aurora created a very good impression on all the participants by encouraging its students in organizing such a successful event. The motto - "learning beyond the classroom" and the caption of Cynosure - "from divergence to convergence" were effectively displayed by Karshak. I obviously have high expectations for Cynosure 2K8.

An unseen perspective of Bhojya Naik.

Bhojya Naik.
Image1 for Download
Image2 for Download

I've never even imagined for even a moment that Bhojya had this interest or lets call it – talent for writing lyrics. Well as far as I've heard he's interested in getting into the industry (just rumors or are they?). Whatever it is, he sure has some flummoxing endowment (means excellent talent).

Did you ever see him write in Telugu? No, I don't think so. In all of our 2 yrs of – I can't get the right word – Yes, acquaintanceship (friendship later on), I've never seen him write in Telugu. And WHAM, suddenly one day, somebody (I think it was Srinivas – the thin one) gives me a set of 2 papers in Telugu filled with lyrics of songs with excellent wordings and Rhyming (I've not even understood half of those things). I have uploaded those pictures of those two papers. Just make sure you read them, even if you don't understand them just to appreciate the effort it took him to write those. Forgive the clarity – I was in a hurry.

Day of Birth....Birthday!

"Birthdays are as quiet as a fiendly word, that makes a warm heart known, and as cheering as a tender touch that shows we're not alone." No, that's not my quote. I found it in a calendar. Now, normally our class has a tradition(yes one more). When its someone's birthday, that guy is supposed to give(sponsor) a Treat for others in South East Bakers at Vanasthalipuram. Yes, I know that its not much of a tradition, but the twist is that the guys taking the treat have to pay for the CAKE. Till now, we've had Srinivas(K), me, Madhav, Ashish, Anirudh, Shashi etc giving the treats. I've got some pics and a story(Gruhapravesham) too. The story is too 'insensitive' to repeat here, although I think I would upload the video.

Although I did have pics of Seenu's bday, they are 'lost' somewhere in the collection(and I am lazy enough not to search for it). But I am posting the pics of Ashish's and Maddy's B.day treats.

Ashish's B.day Bash:

Ashish's treat was ok...not so much fun of course. Everyone went through their work pretty much which is eating. But if you take a good look at the cake, it says-

"H.B 452(85%) B.C.R" which means

"Happy Birthday to roll 452 who got 85% and is the Boys Class Representative"

Thatz the corner we always stay....

Madhava's B.day:

The next one Maddy's, was much more good. The pic "A guide to Common Drinking Problems" was his B.day Card from me. Had good share of jokes about the roll on the cake..hehe...

Maddy's B.day card....

the Cake....


Ashish got a face full of that cake.... We refused to give the tissue paper till he posed for this picture....

Hangin around....

From the left....Kranthi, Srinivas, Madhava, Prasanna and Shashi

Took this pic at B.N.Reddy when shashi's "Pulsar" was punctured. We later decided to play some pool and I agreed although reluctantly as it was my first time. so me and the guys went to the pool and started the game. It was pretty simple really. No, to tell you the truth, it was damn hard. The goddamn ball doesn't want to go into the hole at all. After an hour of trying though I was able to put a handful of them in the necessary holes. We divided and played. As you might've rightly guessed, our team lost.

Thatz me...tryin really hard...

These are other pics I've found in my collection yesterday.

This is Prasanna with Raghavendar(Thanks to him) and Jumanji...Seen in the back are Vikas and Anirudh

This is just the guys on a free day....holiday....from the left...Deva, Seetha, Vishnu, Rakesh, Kartheek, Ashish, Madhava, Shiva, Pardhu and Kartheek Y.

Vanga Anantha Reddy Gardens

February 11 2007

Don't remember much of that day's happenings as it was about 4 months since the matrimony took place. This was the marriage of our pal Srinivas'(aka 7hills) sister .

Avinash, Naresh, Kartheek, Madhava, Kartheek (y&K), Shiva, Kranthi, Vamshi, Prasanna, Ashish, Prashanth, Pardhu, Srinivas(roll 37), me and Anil(my bro) turned out for the ceremony. We were asked to go for the catering job after the lunch. What are friends for...so we started the job and later had the time to relax for a little time before returning.

Thats Kartheek, Naresh and Avinash...
Avi looks like some classic movie hero with his locks hangin....

Did you notice maddy seeing that girl??? Wonder why...!!! hehe...

From the right....Kartheek Y, Naresh, Kartheek, Ashish, Shiva, Kranthi, Vamshi....

You can see Kartheek Y&K, Prashanth, kranthi & Naresh with PRASHANTH in focus....



A Lorry on Sagar X Road

Tribal locals in Araku

This is My 6630's pic. Just love this one. Took it from the webcam at close focus with a 'Alien' filter.

This is my bro's N80. It looks good when it is set as a background. Just a neon glow filter did it.
This is the same phone as the above one. N80.

This is Ashish's calc. You could see his EAMCET books in the background ...hehe...