The Painting!

The first choice of the painting...but I found it I chose the one below...

As you can see this is a Rosewood Inlay hand work of A.P. craftsmen. A deer drinking water from a stream seemed much more relavant to education than a flower pot. Bought it at Lepakshi in Minerva Complex, Park Lane, Secunderabad.

The progress of printing and cutting...

The Final Product...

A trip to Sagar !

Starting from my house at 7.00(supposed to be at 6.00)

In the Sumo(back).

The turbines' top view. Man, they were huge and coming to that deafening too... Parthu was frightened and refused to even look down.

The steps on the other side of the Power plant.

The entrance to the control room.

The Power Plant...

The entrance...

The Plant.

A trip to Sagar ! .

The Staff who explained us the working of the Plant

The Computers (may be 29 Inches) in the control room.

The specifications of the reserv0ir we later visited

You could see the plant from this view and the connection to the Reservoir ( the plant pumps the water this high!)

Rajesh's ATTITUDE!!

Group Photos...

At the Entrance to the plant..

Outside the plant...

At the reservoir just beside the plant...

At the Waterfalls....

Chilling out near the Dam...(couldn't post the semi-nude pics though!)


Ettipotala at Nagarjuna Sagar!

A statement or may be an ad!

A Warning