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Cho2's column acts as a reference to the jokes, our classmates play on each other. So instead of bringing out their names and embarassing them, we've started this new thread called "Cho2's Column". We use the common character "Cho2" as a link to the person on whom the joke is played or who plays it. So be ready to rock and roll......

After the Presentation by 'slides'(where we put printed transparent paper on Light glass to reflect on the wall) in the Class....

Bun2 : What is that instrument called where we display those slides?
Cho2 : (Proudly) That is called an LCD.
Bun2 : (Shocked) What?
Cho2 : (More Happy) Yes, don't you know? LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display....
Bun2 : (dumbfounded) Man Cho2, You are Intelligent.....
Cho2 : And you can watch movies also in LCD....Just put the CD or DVD on the glass surface and you can see the movie projected on the wall....

Pin2 : Hey listen everyone, Cho2 bought a New Comb today!
Bun2 : Wow, Cho2 bought a "New Comb"? Thats Great...
Cho2 : Great ledu, Gadidha guddu ledhu, Somebody stole my Cap yesterday in the Theatre!!!

Cho2 hits Mo2 and sits silently & innocently.
Mo2 : Who hit me?
Cho2 : Pin2 hit you!
Cho2 hits Mo2 again and says that his father hit Mo2. Mo2 remains calm.
Cho2 hits Mo2 again and again and keeps saying that his father is hitting Mo2. Mo2 gets angry and says....
Mo2 : In the lunch bell, I'll show you how my father hits you!!!

Cho2 : What is your name?
Chin2 : My name is Chin2.
Cho2 : What do you eat generally?
Chin2 : Eggs, Chicken, Mutton, Prawns....
Cho2 : Yuk, you eat Frogs!!!

Pin2 : What is next number of 1?
Cho2 : 1-1/2(one-half)!

Bun2 : I only saw one Hindi Movie - that is Krish.
I did not see any Sharukh Movie in a Theatre.
Cho2 : (Angrily) Stupid! Sharukh is the hero of the movie "Krish"!!

Presenting Mathematical Genius Cho2:
Here in this ground breaking solution Cho2 showed us how to solve such problems. Just turn the Limit 90 Degrees and you get your solution.

I need not explain this problem as it is clearly "solved".

This is a landmark in the history of the mathematics. If only we had known this earlier.......

How cleverly Cho2 cancels the 'n' in the denominator and 'n' in the 'Sinx' term. He found the answer in a jiffy.......


At last, the Hayabusa was brought to the stands....

Well, the first look gives only one feeling - "wow". Here are the pics of the bike along with Avinash(It's his bike afterall). I missed the crowd's response as I am absent today. Anyways, Avi proved once again that he's different from the gay clad humanity. The bike matches him pretty well although it would have looked much better with his long gone long hair.

Here are some facts of Hayabusa from wikipedia:
  • Top speed: 296 km/h (183.9 mph)
  • 60-80 mph: 3.13 seconds (96.6-128.7 km/h)
  • 80-100 mph: 3.31 seconds (128.7-160.9 km/h)
  • 1/4 mile (402 m): 10.02 seconds @ 143.7 mph (231.3 km/h)
  • Power: 156.1 hp @ 9500 rpm at the rear wheel

The bike looks heavy and needs care to keep it in condition. Hope it stays longer than the last Pulsar.
I will update the details about the bike later....


Still waiting for the pics of the Cultural Day. But was lucky enough to get this one. Anil's Guitar show which was before the skits was of the song "Dham Maro Dham...Mit Jaye Hum". The music started with only the lead string sounds which continued till it reached the chorus(pretty boring in the beginnig , but what followed changed that opinion). Once the chorus had started, then the music was of Lead and Rhythm together which sounded heavenly on the god-blessed Electric Guitar. The sound could have been a lot better but it was OK.

This Image was taken from Anil's pal Shanku. Just added a shade of sepia to give it the classic look. The song went on with the rhythm for about 2 minutes before ending in celestial high pitched chords. Recieved good response for this one. Exceeded the Expectations of the crowd, I hope. Well, be sure to watch out for this budding musician for me.

Problem? Solved....

People have been asking me why ecerocks doesn't show up in google when searched. I have no idea why it doesn't show up. But I think google will return results when searched in google blog search site as our page is a blog . Try searching 'ecerocks' in here.

Returns only two seach results-one with ecerulz thingy and the other ecerocks.

Sunny match on the pitch !

9/3/2007 is one day to remember. No, its not a movie release day or anything, but a simple matter of 'Cricket' game. If there is one time I wished I had a camera with me... this would be it. All(almost) the guys in the class were there in the ground either playing or cheering. We had sports(after about a month) in the post-lunch period.

After a 'bit' of hassle in getting the equipment(we had to 'adjust' with the grace ball) we started the game with Shashi and Shivakar as captains.....I was on Shashi's team(I don't know how to play and I was selected second...had fun though). We won the toss and took to Batting immediately. I and Shiva Reddy were the openers. Well, with all the wonderful batting history and Cricket experience I've had, was duck out in Shivakar's bowling. Then Naresh came in, and started the (careless but good)shots followed by Shiva.....Shivakar had a hatrick in his hand, I think.
But the highlight of the day was Madhava's Extraordinary "CATCH OF THE MATCH". Shivakar hit the ball really hard to his off-side to the mid-off where Madhav was standing. He kept his leg opposite to the ball and tried to stop it. But instead of going down, the ball went up, which Madhava grabbed with reflex. All of that was over in Seconds. Was one good catch though.

And then we had Ashish who was wearing all pads, gloves etc.. trying to look like a batsman(he said he was Cricket Man). This was when I thought I had a camera . When asked why he was wearing all that stuff when no one else is, he answered "You people will not let me play anyway. Atleast let me satisfy myself by wearing these."But he did play. Duck out. I was better than him I think. Played two balls before returning to the 'pavillion'(grass).

Our(Shashi's) team won eventually. 29(manipulated score) runs against 19. The heroes of the match were Naresh and Shiva(for shots), Madhava(for the catch), Shivakar(for his hatrick). Keep it up guys and we may stand a chance next Semester.

Images edited from:

Samskruthika Sravanthi - The traditional Day Celebrations

Well, I would say the event had gone pretty well - so many surprises, unexpected events and unanticipated participation too.... I still don't have the pics- but I will be uploading them soon. Everyone really enjoyed the two skits by the CSE-1(Hotel Arogyam) and CSE-3(Shankardada M.B.B.S)(this one was really good with all the music coming). I couldn't help noticing that the assistants in both the skits were both good. And the highlight of the Shankardada skit was the role of Kashyap and Avinash( man, that was one hell of an acting).

The other good ones were Anil's guitar show( Dham maro dham ), and the show Kalyanam Kamaniyam( I hate to say this, but its peoples choice you know) by our class girls where they show cased the different styles of matrimonies of different religions with costumes and everything. I will say the rest with the Pictures......

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