Still waiting for the pics of the Cultural Day. But was lucky enough to get this one. Anil's Guitar show which was before the skits was of the song "Dham Maro Dham...Mit Jaye Hum". The music started with only the lead string sounds which continued till it reached the chorus(pretty boring in the beginnig , but what followed changed that opinion). Once the chorus had started, then the music was of Lead and Rhythm together which sounded heavenly on the god-blessed Electric Guitar. The sound could have been a lot better but it was OK.

This Image was taken from Anil's pal Shanku. Just added a shade of sepia to give it the classic look. The song went on with the rhythm for about 2 minutes before ending in celestial high pitched chords. Recieved good response for this one. Exceeded the Expectations of the crowd, I hope. Well, be sure to watch out for this budding musician for me.