Samskruthika Sravanthi - The traditional Day Celebrations

Well, I would say the event had gone pretty well - so many surprises, unexpected events and unanticipated participation too.... I still don't have the pics- but I will be uploading them soon. Everyone really enjoyed the two skits by the CSE-1(Hotel Arogyam) and CSE-3(Shankardada M.B.B.S)(this one was really good with all the music coming). I couldn't help noticing that the assistants in both the skits were both good. And the highlight of the Shankardada skit was the role of Kashyap and Avinash( man, that was one hell of an acting).

The other good ones were Anil's guitar show( Dham maro dham ), and the show Kalyanam Kamaniyam( I hate to say this, but its peoples choice you know) by our class girls where they show cased the different styles of matrimonies of different religions with costumes and everything. I will say the rest with the Pictures......

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