Sunny match on the pitch !

9/3/2007 is one day to remember. No, its not a movie release day or anything, but a simple matter of 'Cricket' game. If there is one time I wished I had a camera with me... this would be it. All(almost) the guys in the class were there in the ground either playing or cheering. We had sports(after about a month) in the post-lunch period.

After a 'bit' of hassle in getting the equipment(we had to 'adjust' with the grace ball) we started the game with Shashi and Shivakar as captains.....I was on Shashi's team(I don't know how to play and I was selected second...had fun though). We won the toss and took to Batting immediately. I and Shiva Reddy were the openers. Well, with all the wonderful batting history and Cricket experience I've had, was duck out in Shivakar's bowling. Then Naresh came in, and started the (careless but good)shots followed by Shiva.....Shivakar had a hatrick in his hand, I think.
But the highlight of the day was Madhava's Extraordinary "CATCH OF THE MATCH". Shivakar hit the ball really hard to his off-side to the mid-off where Madhav was standing. He kept his leg opposite to the ball and tried to stop it. But instead of going down, the ball went up, which Madhava grabbed with reflex. All of that was over in Seconds. Was one good catch though.

And then we had Ashish who was wearing all pads, gloves etc.. trying to look like a batsman(he said he was Cricket Man). This was when I thought I had a camera . When asked why he was wearing all that stuff when no one else is, he answered "You people will not let me play anyway. Atleast let me satisfy myself by wearing these."But he did play. Duck out. I was better than him I think. Played two balls before returning to the 'pavillion'(grass).

Our(Shashi's) team won eventually. 29(manipulated score) runs against 19. The heroes of the match were Naresh and Shiva(for shots), Madhava(for the catch), Shivakar(for his hatrick). Keep it up guys and we may stand a chance next Semester.

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Good job with the game... :-)
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