Its almost Over.....!

Well, the second semister's almost coming to end. Seems like it's started just yesterday. I guess this was one semister with more holidays than working days. And this may even be the first semister with almost 90% of the class being simultaneously absent for 14 days. I don't even remember the Lecturers 'teaching' the classes.....(although it might be, bcos I was absent for more no. of days). Every lecturer completed almost 6 units completely with ET sir topping with 8 units. Nothing much to think back this sem. except the Cultural Day and OUR sagar trip.

Well I'll try and update the detail of this semister after the finals or Lab Externals......Keep looking cos there is a "SEPARATE" section coming on "SHASHI KANTH REDDY", "EVERYONE" and "OLD WAYS OF CHEATING".