First Lab External 2-2

AC Lab- Sunday, April 22, 2007.

Now that I recall that our class blog has started with the description of our Second yr First Sem. Lab Externals, I thought it would be appropriate to continue the custom and discuss our Second sem. Lab Externals too. Don't worry, I won't go too deep into the subject. First, AC sir was absent today and the Exam was supervised by EMTL ma'am and Nagaraj sir(teaches NA I think). Preparation wasn't that hard cos there were no circuits to be learnt - only block diagrams for that experiments
First thing first, this year 'choosing' of the Exam Questions is different from other years. Normally, we have to take a paper out of a heap and the question will be within that chosen paper. But this time, we had to choose the seats with the papers already placed in order. So, as my number was 26 and the batch was 1-30, I did not have much of a choice left. The experiment was not that hard to do either. Viva was same as usual.

These are the details of the exam that I could gather so far....

Invig-EMTL ma'am,

Shiva-PLL-first one for VIVa,Shivakar-shaky o/p,PLL
Prasanna-Diode Detector, Ashish

Vamshi,Maddy-Squelch,viva-not good...need for modulation..proof for reduction in antenna size
no o/p-7hils,avinash.-Balanced Modulator,Vikas
karthik y-FM
Shashi-"Well Prepared"

Yes, I just remembered a joke on viva in Engineering. Its an SMS actually...

Q:"What is red and goes tring tring?


the tring tring was
2confuse U..

OK again
Q:What is red and goes tring tring?


Black phone
the red was to confuse U..

OK again
Q:what is red and goes tring tring?


both red and tring tring was to confuse U..

OK again
Q:what is red and goes tring tring?


and U thought I was confusing U...
And dats hw they take viva in engineering..."

I don't know much about the going ons of the 30-60 batch....Tomorrow I will try and update the ET lab External thingy.


Prasanna said...

I think our answers seem to be like this one
"where is the fire?"
nothing related.