Second Lab External

Madhav--OCC twice exchanged-Series Rlc,Ganesh
Seenu-Parallel RLC
Pardhu-Norton Theorem
Shashi-two port
Prashanth-Thevenins-seemed disappointed cos even though he got o/p sir took his paper off in the last minute
Me-Brake test twice exchange for Superposition

Ganesh was asking sita to set his i/p cos he was pressing the 10,100,1000,10K,100K...buttons on the Function Generator and waiting for the frequency to change to some 200....Sita told him to turn the knobs to change to the required freq. But Ganesh, instead of turning the freq. knob, kept on turning Amplitude knob and was hollering at sita-"Abbe..Ravatledu ra..Vachi Set Chesi Po ra....". Ma'am(Lab Assistant) caught him while talking and warned him.

Madhava viva was a bit fun as he says it. AC sir(Ramesh) asked him what the college code was and what each no. in his roll no. meant. Later STLD ma'am took care of the technical part of his viva.

Avinash's viva tops the whole thing of today's exam. AC sir supposedly asked him to write 10 points about anything related to ECE. This guy wrote the Experiment names of AC and ET. After some debate whether AC was connected to ECE, sir asked him to tell the names of the Experiments in ET. Again our 'hero' told him all the names - not the exact ones but abstract ones like 'Z,Y-Parameters' instead of 'Two Port Networks'. Sir, after his amazing viva, asked him if he should pass Avinash or fail him. But this fellow proved his intelligence with his silence.