Hangin around....

From the left....Kranthi, Srinivas, Madhava, Prasanna and Shashi

Took this pic at B.N.Reddy when shashi's "Pulsar" was punctured. We later decided to play some pool and I agreed although reluctantly as it was my first time. so me and the guys went to the pool and started the game. It was pretty simple really. No, to tell you the truth, it was damn hard. The goddamn ball doesn't want to go into the hole at all. After an hour of trying though I was able to put a handful of them in the necessary holes. We divided and played. As you might've rightly guessed, our team lost.

Thatz me...tryin really hard...

These are other pics I've found in my collection yesterday.

This is Prasanna with Raghavendar(Thanks to him) and Jumanji...Seen in the back are Vikas and Anirudh

This is just the guys on a free day....holiday....from the left...Deva, Seetha, Vishnu, Rakesh, Kartheek, Ashish, Madhava, Shiva, Pardhu and Kartheek Y.