An unseen perspective of Bhojya Naik.

Bhojya Naik.
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I've never even imagined for even a moment that Bhojya had this interest or lets call it – talent for writing lyrics. Well as far as I've heard he's interested in getting into the industry (just rumors or are they?). Whatever it is, he sure has some flummoxing endowment (means excellent talent).

Did you ever see him write in Telugu? No, I don't think so. In all of our 2 yrs of – I can't get the right word – Yes, acquaintanceship (friendship later on), I've never seen him write in Telugu. And WHAM, suddenly one day, somebody (I think it was Srinivas – the thin one) gives me a set of 2 papers in Telugu filled with lyrics of songs with excellent wordings and Rhyming (I've not even understood half of those things). I have uploaded those pictures of those two papers. Just make sure you read them, even if you don't understand them just to appreciate the effort it took him to write those. Forgive the clarity – I was in a hurry.