My Experience at Cynosure 2K7

The presentation in Karshak Engineering College - Cynosure 2K7 (a branch of Aurora Technological and Research Institute) was an interesting experience from the participation point of view as well as from the organizing's. I was impressed with the design of the Cygnosure site ( itself as no other Symposium site had a help desk and as the dignitary said the designer deserves himself "A PAT IN THE BACK" . The help desk provided a way of clarification of all the uncertainties and corrections. The reply to any problem was answered within an hour. So naturally my expectations were high and I was not disappointed. Apart from the time management everything went smoothly and in an organized way.

The first problem was the notification time of the selected participants. The event was on 12 and 13 of Oct and we were notified (some of us) just about 13 hours for the preparation. Although many would not consider this a big problem, but the first time participants like me had to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. I had to stay up for the whole night to develop it. We were asked to be at Uppal X road by 8.30 A.M sharp. But as I mentioned earlier the only problem was the time management. Anyways, I had my own means of transport so I reached the college a good half-hour early and was asked to sit in the Presentation rooms on the ground floor. So I had a 'general' walk around to get the feel of the place. Though the building was still under construction the general layout of the architecture was brilliant. The rooms were spacious and in a semi-circular fashion with seats arranged in a level-by-level fashion so that everyone in the hall had a good view of the presenter. Every hall was equipped with a PC and a projector.

The students of Aurora had a dress code (blue denim jeans with a white shirt) and were easily distinguishable from the participants. By the time most of the participants arrived and the registrations commenced it was around 10. After the registration was complete (each participant were given a file enclosure with the plan of the building and some essentials like a notepad, pen and lunch coupons) we were asked to assemble in the Auditorium present in the top floor. The Symposium was commenced after an exhausting couple of hours of speeches by the dignitaries(Management seminar, IEEE Seminar which was full of plans for IEEE students and I suppose it made sense to them - my friend even slept for half-hour) we were shown the way to the lunch hall.

The events commenced after the lunch. Different groups (ECE, CSE....) were allocated different halls. I was allocated room no. 109 and was supposed to give the presentation along with EEE students. Most of the participants were enthusiastic and presented their topics well enough. The judges were strict and asked pretty hard questions. I restrained myself from asking questions as the participants were vexed enough with the judges and also because I myself was tensed up (its my first presentation after all). Giri kept his cool all along (Sandeep Giri was my partner in the event from Sree Indu). In spite of all the nervousness, our presentation went quite well and after the queries round, one of the judges even appreciated us that it was a different topic but a good one. We waited to watch some of the other presentations and made mental notes not to make the mistakes others were making the next time. We went to participate in some of the 'On-the-spot' events and were told that they were postponed for the morrow. We were each given some papers with riddles and we spent some time solving those (some of them were pretty interesting actually). We called it a day and left the college.

We came a little late on 13 as the presentation of the certificates wont take place till the end of the event. The second day wasn't as eventful as the first because our presentation was over. Met Karthik and Chaitanya along with some of the girls of CSE (6 of them) in room 215(or am I wrong?). Spent the rest of the time in the auditorium lazing around till 4 as none of us were interested in the LAN gaming (NFS and Counterstrike). On-the spot events – adventure and floor crossing captured the participants' attention immediately. The conclusion ceremony was delayed by a good hour and we were stuck in the hall till 7 in the evening. Though the speech by Satyam's HR was interesting, the participants were tired and it was late already. After the distribution of the Certificates we dispersed to our own destinations.

Overall, I would call the event a successful one. The most noticeable thing in the whole event was the hospitality and the energy of the organizers. They were polite, friendly and always eager to point the participants in the right direction. Aurora created a very good impression on all the participants by encouraging its students in organizing such a successful event. The motto - "learning beyond the classroom" and the caption of Cynosure - "from divergence to convergence" were effectively displayed by Karshak. I obviously have high expectations for Cynosure 2K8.