3 - 1 Results 'out' and ab'out'

Many of you might not like a topic on results....atleast most of you don't.

Well, I ain't gonna back up in this one.....I think the results were uploaded around 8 P.M. IST. Sevenhills rang me up and asked me to see the 're'sults. The Indiaresults.com was very slow on this one though as the results were available first in jntu.ac.in. Although jntu.ac.in hosted the results it was primitive(most primitive) when compared to the response offered by Indiaresults. I got the page with the roll no query all right, but when I hit the "Go" button, there's this trademark message filling the screen "The Page Cannot Be Displayed" which pulled a long sigh out of me. I doubted if the results were really out in the open when Maddy called and told me that one of his friends had already got his marks(70% if I could remember it right). So I kept trying and trying and trying for one whole hour amid phone calls and IM's and SMS'. At long last God decided to show some mercy on me(by the way, I am an agnostic) and presented the screen with the results.

I continued with the searching and refreshing the page for others results. I opened the Mozilla Firefox with some 10 tabs and went on clicking "Reload" one each and everyone of them. After some tiresome 10 mins, had to open Internet Explorer and started the whole process all over again. I succeeded in getting some 10-12 results and I notified them. Seeta called to tell me that the results were coming soon, and I think I surprised them that they were already out. (I could clearly make out Vishnu's astonishment in the background). Then Deva called and told me that the results were up and running in Indiaresults. So leeched all the results into a single file and uploaded it for later recollection. You can get them here.

Overall the class performance, I have to say, increased a lot this sem. Although the percentages are a bit out of the box, but the pass percentage is more that the last sem. I mean, nobody(no boy) has failed in more than 2 subjects(except Raghavendra and Durga Prasad who were absent due to health problems). And almost 96 percent of the failed guys have AWP as a backlog. And those 'special' guys would do themselves a huge favor by clearing it as they will certainly not be able to clear it if they keep it till the end.

Anyways, another semister gone and a new dawn in the face.(I don't honestly think it as a new dawn as we did not have holidays this time, but had to use some dramatic conclusion, you know). Guys who have learnt that they have to work hard this time, best of luck and don't turn back to those "Ideal B. Tech Student's Habits"(I think I will write a post on it, it sounds good).

Keep on looking at the '+' sign in the center. Don't blink. Or dont avert or turn your eyes anywhere except the '+' sign in the center. Keep on looking. Don't lose the concentration and stray to the pink dots. After some time you''ll start noticing that the pink dots start vanishing and green dots replace them. Even if you don't notice those green dots, you must have atleast noticed the disappearace of the pink dots. If you haven't noticed any change then I think you need heavy medical supervision. I have a good friend who also happens to be a doctor. So if you need any recommendations on that, you can always come to me.



chaytu ...sravanth said...

hey cool presentation....
this sem i think might not had broke many hearts....
coming to me im not dissapointed tht all i can say

Anonymous said...

Whats so special with the first

Ashok Felix said...

Yup, not many hearts broken. Bhojya is actually happy you know, and confident that he'll clear off the remaining in this supply.

My mistake. I did not include the second part of the image. I've changed it now. I took it from http://www.blifaloo.com/illusions/twist.php
Try tracing that image or drawing it on a paper and you'll see what I mean. To include around 4 to 5 perspectives is very difficult especially when it is in Black and white.