An excerpt from Ashok's Diary

I sat thinking this evening about what to post in ecerocks. There was always something or other to post about, be it about the class or abstract things or even about myself(although I haven't yet written a separate post about myself...hehe....).

Kept thinking and thinking, and while thinking about thinking of a new way of thinking, so that thinking of it makes me think of new thinking ideas, I thought about a silly and absurd thing to post. I just saw my 2006 diary(No need of exclamation marks....I do maintain a diary from time to time), and was going through our first year memories when this crazy thought came to me.

Why not combine these three things(about the class, abstract things with a bit of myself) and post it. So there I arrived at a conclusion to post an excerpt from my diary. But I did not want to post irrelavent topics about how I saw a beautiful girl at xxxxxx, or how I beat the crap out of Ashish or something like that.

I wanted a suitable, relatively simple extract involving our classmates. So I started skimming through the diary for over an hour(it was fun, recollecting all those things - come to think of it, I don't even remember doing half of those things). When I thought I had chosen something, it had a bit of personal or private matters in it, totally abstract to others.

After a long time, I found this one double page with nothing much personal stuff(I erased it) and very much detailed explanation of our EDC External Exam, Pokiri movie and Chilukuru trip the very next day. I thought you might like it and recollect something about yourself on those days. So enjoy reading my diary or I could say enjoy reading 'me'.

And here's the extract

I did not want to ruin the effect by typing the whole thing. It would look like a blog rather than a memory which I wanted to protect. So rather unwantedly, I am posting the Original excerpt itself. Click Here for the Full Sized Image. Do not use Download Managers. Its rather large as it is taken at a very high resolution for clarity and sharpness and will take a bit of time to download. Zoom in to read.


chaytu ...sravanth said...
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chaytu ...sravanth said...

yup ..i cannot comment abt the content of the page coz i haven't been part of day...
Diary is really a good habit
it remembers me of 7th class telugu teacher where she thought a lesson abt diary and it's advantage
inspired by the i kept a diary for one year ... later when i try to skimm thru it ..its more of a CRIMINAL RECORD THAN A SWEET MEMORY
good tht it had been sweet memories to u

Ashok Felix said...

Don't think that just because I write dairy once in a while, I write it all the time.....I am an indolent person. I believe in saving as much time as possible....

Asish said...

S.V Traders, DSNR lo konav kada??
Baga nachi natu undi aa stationary atu ochinapudu prati sari potav akadiki.