Featuring Pictures and Video

The Featured pictures (Oh...how they'll hate me for this) of some eminent personalities which I've acquired with great difficulties(wow..that rhymes)are presented here. So please appreciate their effort for such handsome .... and me for the effort I've put in to get'em and re-editing them so that they can be seen. I won't publish the names of course(as if that is a grace....what'll it matter after I've posted their pictures and not posting their names).

No need for/of an introduction, I supppose
This picture passed from hand to hand till it reached me. Actually there were two of these pics, but one was mutilated(by whom? you ask me....). So there he is.

The Hayabusa dude.

That does sound a little dramatic. I got it from a collection of scanned pictures by accident. I was just scanning through the old portions of the hard disk when I found it. The cool guy is here(or is he?)
The Guy

He is too famous for his own good. Actually he looks good in this photo(All credit to PS-CS3). Looks innocent and harmless doesn't he? Well .....never mind. Thats our guy for now.

Recognize him?

Did you recognize who this is yet? I was very lucky to get it. Lifted it off from his intermediate bus pass I think. Well when you do recognize him, don't say anything about this picture to him. He'll get mad(or happy...he looks thin).


Here is an exclusive video of You-Know-Who having a hearty lunch as he always does. Kudos to Maya Bazaar(1957) who brought out the most suitable song "Vivaha Bhojanambu". Watch it and enjoy. Hope he doesn't get mad though.


Anonymous said...

the timing of the video and the audio are simply superb
comming to the pics you are about to
counter some unexpected persons for the most rare photograph(orginal)ie
of Mr AXXX

Ashok Felix said...

Yup. You can call these portraits as 'Antiquities'. Although which is the most valuable one(or good one), you have to decide for yourself.

Anonymous said...

photos keka

chaytu ...sravanth said...

actually i rember the day the pic of mr AXXX came out .i went from hand to hand and to evry one. we laughed out to hell...
and later the pic was GARNISHED with beautiful ingredients( eye cloth , a scar on the cheek)
the caption give to the pic was "మంగ-దొంగ"

Ashok Felix said...

You just remember the day..... I HAVE that photograph with manual editings on it. And the name too. I told you I was lucky to get it.

Anonymous said...

Its too funny...