Happy Day's Happy Days.

Happy Days Gang(Me not included...)

We planned the movie on Tuesday, October 2nd. As it was a holiday(Gandhi Jayanthi) many were expected to turn out for the movie. The initial talk about the movie was good. That the movie was about b.tech students life and as we all know Shekhar Kammula tries to portray the reality in the reelity(my invention). So we thought that the rush at the theatre would be huge. We all decided to meet at Shiva-Ganga in Dilsukhnagar at 10.30 A.M. for the 12.00 P.M. Morning show.

Due to the time management of Maddy and other stuff like that and following the Standard Code of Indian Time, I was a good half hour late. That meant:Pardhu, Maddy, Kartheek and Me reached the theatre at 11.00 A.M.

We were in a hurry to park the vehicle, so did not notice the small part of the HUGE HUGE and HUGE crowd at the gate. After we parked the vehicle, we began noticing that we were in the middle of a pacific of humans waiting for the theatre.
Turnout at the Theatre. The girls didn't fit in my small lens.
(This was after the tickets were sold out)

We found our pals ALL OF THEM SITTING ON THE RAILING AND LAUGHING AND WAVING AT US. So we naturally thought that they were able to obtain the tickets for the movie(however improbable...no impossible that may be). When we reached there Vishnu we had a conversation something like this:

Having a Laugh.......at OURSELVES

Vishnu: Enduku babai, intha thvaraga vacharu? Inkoddiga latega ravalasindhi

Me: Antha easy ga dorikaya ra.....? Kani ikkada chusthe line intha peddaga undi?

Vishnu: Line gurinchi manakendhuku babai....Ippudu mana problem entante, matinee varaku manam Saroornagar park lo undhama leka room ki velli vadhama....

Me: So you did not get the tickets?

Vishnu: Ekkada ....LINE LO GAP DORIKITHE KADHA...Morning vachamu 10.00 A.M. ki....Maga valla kante Aadavalle ekkuvunnaru...

Me: Chusthene thelusthundi....Mari intha mandhi inka line lo enduku ninchunnaru....? Tickets inka unnaya?

Vishnu: Tickets aa!!! Em matladuthunnav babai...Ee janalani chusthe neeku inka tickets migilayanipisthundha.....

Me: Ok, then we'll wait for the 3.00 P.M. Matinee show....

So, after discussing with the other guys, we decided to wait for the matinee in the line.

We were totally around 18 guys.....

Chaitanya Sravanth, Kartheek Y, Rajesh, Ajay, Seetaram, Prasanna, Venu, Rakesh, Naresh, Ashish, Pardhu, Shiva Reddy, Shivakar, Maddy, Vishnu, Srinivas(7hills) and Me(My brother joined us later).

And there we stood, about 50% of the boys of ECE-III section of Sphoorthy Engineering college standing 10 feet from the Ticket Counter waiting for the commencement of issues. We waited from 11.00 A.M. to 1.45 P.M(almost 3 hours) in the queue waiting and waiting. No, I think we were also pushing and pulling each other.

At the Counter .....just 10 feet away

Heroes of the cause

Anyways, the counter opened and the Kali Kaal had finally come to an end. We did not even move a single stinking inch forward, but it was announced that all the tickets were sold out. You should have seen our faces then, came for the morning show, waited for the matinee and still did not get the tickets. My thoughts at that moment were "LIKE HELL, I DID NOT WAIT TILL NOON FOR NOTHING. I DID NOT WASTE HALF THE DAY FOR NOTHING". I think the other guys were thinking along the same lines. So we decided to go to "Vijayalaxmi" theatre at L.B.Nagar. So Pardhu and I started early on his bike and stood in the queue at the theatre calling and waiting for the others. The others came and joined us in the line. When we thought that everything was okay, someone behind us asked the watchman for what show were the tickets being sold. "Evening Show", he answered.

N-Series Dudes at Vijayalaxmi Counter

We were all left speechless. Well, after so much waiting and roaming I left the feeling of feelings long behind me. So I convinced others that we stay and see this damn movie and be done with it once and for all. So we took 18 tickets(Shiva left early cos he did not want to be late) and dispersed agreeing to meet at 6.30 P.M. Went to Maddy's along with 7hills and watched the cricket(atleast they watched) till the time came. Joined the others at the theatre after not much hustle. Agreeing to Shout till our voices would be raw, we entered the theatre. Shout, we did(Shaki mom....a lot) and enjoyed we did too. Left the theatre on a happy note with a different kind of feeling, recognising whats missing in our college life and whats not. How much friends are a part of your life, how they influence each other, stand up for each other at the time of need and help each other. A memorable experience of standing in line(was my first time) and waiting for a 'movie'. Coming to love, I am a novice in experience but very experienced in observation and inference.

So concluding this tiresome session with a happy note.......Adios


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