The COOL Gang

Here are Six guys radiating all their cool with those goggles. You may be wondering how all these guys are wearing the same sunglasses(are you?). And all these pictures are taken in the evening. hehe...

Well, while backing up my mobile pics, I happened to come across these outstanding pictures of our guys, all of them posing in the same specs (I was one of them too, the picture in the home page was me with the specs). I don't exactly remember whose specs they were, but they fitted everyone perfectly, or rather made to fit perfectly. These are the pictures taken after our freshers in my house around 7 P.M.

How do you like them pictures?

An Inter-View

7Hills a.k.a Srinivas Reddy(left) and Kranthi Kumar(mera Laila)

ME: How are you today(first a simple question)?

7HILLS: im 5n n gud

ME: What do you like about ECE -3 (Our class)?

7HILLS: gud support of friends

ME: What do you remember most when you think about the last three years of I am expecting a long answer, mind you....

7HILLS: n rite 4m fst year v had gud njoymnt but many baklogues n a gud lecturer named shanker rao v had,but facd problms 4m
managnmnt.n rite in 2nd year alot njoymnt alyaz in class startd bunking class a bit.a bit compromisemnt 4m staff..n getting
into 3rd year had gud year in 2nd sem as v had freshers party wer v thought sphoorthy is developing clge n v had a gud anual
day..offoo n also startd leaving clge in d aftrnun.this year a bit v had managmnt support.n evry year trying hard 4 ol bits
its a big game d clge is strict but a bit v had njoyd.n more over i had a gud friends alyaz use 2 take care of my

7HILLS: ok na

ME: What thing(s) did you learn in this time?(of

7HILLS: 1.dont neglect studies.2.b interfere in evry activity.3.dont postpone in anyway.4.dont argue elders.5.try 2 maintain
distance vth friends.6.dont b close asa b smooth alyaz.8.b in evryones foavour.9.create an importance on
u.10.alyaz try 2 help in something or in someway.

7HILLS: ok na

7HILLS: next quetion pls

ME: fine....

7HILLS: question

ME: You must have had some sad experiences while you were here.......what are they?

7HILLS: hahaha..I had but cannot answer it..sry pls.

7HILLS: next

ME: try me

ME: you have to answer them....

ME: no escaping

7HILLS: oho ok

7HILLS: n not anymore but fst in studies wat i misd.n making arguemnts vth elders.tats all dude.

ME: Are you different from everyone else? If you are, in what way?, If no, reasons...

ECE's New Year Bash(ed up)


Here are some astounding master piece lectures delivered by the MS "GURU".
These are the most stupefied deterrent examples that are taught daily as "MS" at our place.

STATUTORY WARNING: Never try to relate the concept with example as it may lead to mental disorders. If symptoms are found report immediately to the nearest Doctor there are chances that you may also become a MS guru.

G's own thoughts on MS

"MS anedhi paper medha rasedhi kadhu physiological ga develop cheyali".
What ever is in our experiences we must talk authoritatively.

Here are some of the greatest examples that are related to the most misrelated statements

Guess what could be the explanation????
Well here it is.