ECE's New Year Bash(ed up)

(I'm speaking in a casual tone, not sarcastic mind you)Ever since I've joined this college, every year on December 31, I've stood outside the Office for one reason or the other. This year because our row was making 'noise'. Last Year - because we were at the parking lot at 3.55 P.M. on Dec 30(Actually we were planning the new year event as it was a sports period). First Year for some petty mischief. So this year being no different, we stood outside the Office till the lunch hour. You know that really takes the edge out of a persons mind. I couldn't blame anyone any less than I could blame myself.

The collectively collected money came around 1.5 gran. As is usual, I've given the Cake and the spray responsibility to Vikas and Ganesh(seems like they had an arguement with Ashish over some little things).The plan for the cake was to be a Pineapple or Choclate flavoured Cold type which was to be kept in my house(in the fridge) and to be retrieved in the evening. But they kept it in the canteen which was much quicker to access. Permission was granted(although some sarcasm was included) after I personally had to take responsibility for everything and after the rules(no cooldrinks, no sprays, no destroying the class, etc). Got the samosas baked at a Baker in B.N. Reddy (Shashi's ADDA) and the soft drinks at South-East. We returned about 2 minutes to spare (i.e 3:58). By the time we reached the class with the cakes and stuff, it was around 4:30 P.M. Everyone had a big ' ? ' masked on their faces like they were thinking " Did they go to bring the cake or Bake it? ".

Went to call 'some' faculty, but finally ended up with most of the ECE dept. and repected Vice Pricipal Lieutenant Colonel Latif Khan (shown in the snapshot) and Harsha Vardhan sir. The beginning of the demolition was initiated by Shashi Kanth and Vikas (Jaan - Jigs:also shown in the pics). I was expecting a big screaming "HAPPY NEW YEAR" of a very high 'amplitude' but was disappointed as expected. Not even one Happy New Year greeting this time. Everyone was busy with their own stuff (or was it because the staff were present?). Anyways, Shashi got a face-full of the Spray and thats the end of that story.

Then there was this photo session where boys are only too happy to pose for, and girls needed to be persuaded. A couple of group pics later (with VP sir too of course) everyone dispersed.

Not as good as was expected, but nevertheless better than not having one at all (or none at all). Hope next year(in the midst of Projects and other things) we would be able to get together for another "PARTY" and (again) hope atleast that time, someone (atleast one) shouts 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'.

Have a wonderful, fruitful, prosperous...blah...blah...blah.....New Year.


Anonymous said...

Where were u in the picture....Ashok

Ashish said...

Camera man Ashok tho --------- Sphoorthy Engg Coll, Nadergul. That's why he's not there in the pic