The COOL Gang

Here are Six guys radiating all their cool with those goggles. You may be wondering how all these guys are wearing the same sunglasses(are you?). And all these pictures are taken in the evening. hehe...

Well, while backing up my mobile pics, I happened to come across these outstanding pictures of our guys, all of them posing in the same specs (I was one of them too, the picture in the home page was me with the specs). I don't exactly remember whose specs they were, but they fitted everyone perfectly, or rather made to fit perfectly. These are the pictures taken after our freshers in my house around 7 P.M.

How do you like them pictures?

Well, if you think this is all, then you are mistaken. You haven't had the tastiest slice of the cake yet.
Some of us went to a trip around the city in the evening after a swim(I can't post those pictures). We decided to go for a boat ride to the Budha statue. So we got the tickets into a boat ( Bhageeratha Pleasure ride..hehe) and started off. The surprise was there was a dance show throughout the trip. So instead of watching the Statue, we were watching the performance(it was pretty good). And luckily(for me), one of the dancer pulled Kranthi(the one who's sweeping the floor for gold) and Madhav(Striped Shirt). Prasanna and Me just escaped from the dias and put on a "Mass Song".... You see the video... It was GREAT. Kranthi was really INTO it. Of course that may be because there was a girl on the stage too.

The quality really sucks, so bear with it till I get a better version.

I am also posting a wide-screen(1440 x 900) rendered fractal that I created using Apophysis 2.0 (I got the link from Varun - an amazing blog of an extraordinary designer). My image is nowhere near as good as his, but its a start.


Anonymous said...

u missed out the other guys wearing the same specs that i shot on the that day