An Inter-View

7Hills a.k.a Srinivas Reddy(left) and Kranthi Kumar(mera Laila)

ME: How are you today(first a simple question)?

7HILLS: im 5n n gud

ME: What do you like about ECE -3 (Our class)?

7HILLS: gud support of friends

ME: What do you remember most when you think about the last three years of I am expecting a long answer, mind you....

7HILLS: n rite 4m fst year v had gud njoymnt but many baklogues n a gud lecturer named shanker rao v had,but facd problms 4m
managnmnt.n rite in 2nd year alot njoymnt alyaz in class startd bunking class a bit.a bit compromisemnt 4m staff..n getting
into 3rd year had gud year in 2nd sem as v had freshers party wer v thought sphoorthy is developing clge n v had a gud anual
day..offoo n also startd leaving clge in d aftrnun.this year a bit v had managmnt support.n evry year trying hard 4 ol bits
its a big game d clge is strict but a bit v had njoyd.n more over i had a gud friends alyaz use 2 take care of my

7HILLS: ok na

ME: What thing(s) did you learn in this time?(of

7HILLS: 1.dont neglect studies.2.b interfere in evry activity.3.dont postpone in anyway.4.dont argue elders.5.try 2 maintain
distance vth friends.6.dont b close asa b smooth alyaz.8.b in evryones foavour.9.create an importance on
u.10.alyaz try 2 help in something or in someway.

7HILLS: ok na

7HILLS: next quetion pls

ME: fine....

7HILLS: question

ME: You must have had some sad experiences while you were here.......what are they?

7HILLS: hahaha..I had but cannot answer it..sry pls.

7HILLS: next

ME: try me

ME: you have to answer them....

ME: no escaping

7HILLS: oho ok

7HILLS: n not anymore but fst in studies wat i misd.n making arguemnts vth elders.tats all dude.

ME: Are you different from everyone else? If you are, in what way?, If no, reasons...

7HILLS: yes im different as am..i vl b close vth only a few.i vl try 2 avoid some of dem.n tries to interfere in evrything.i
tries 2 luk stylish.tries to argue vth someone else.tats all

7HILLS: sir additional

7HILLS: sir next

ME: Which person(s)(girl/guy) in our class have you gotten close to in these years(in terms of friendship or anything)...and

7HILLS: fst of all no gals in our class , n coming 2 boys as our whole gang....n some i spend many personels mattrsvth maddy
n kranthi.n much closd vth dis 2 n ashok, bajji ,ani, cnu,pardu n more ovr my lovely frnd shakimom, n ashok n pardu these
2guys who alyas interfere in my studies n makes me n motivates me as der level best.evryone above r alyaz vl b in my heart.k.

7HILLS: happy womens day

ME: Same to you........What do you think will happen after you leave college?(to you or your friends or the college
...anything, everything)

7HILLS: ok ok.fst of coming 2 clge...i think sphoorthy is goin 2 a grand clge..full placemnts n full freedom.n coming 2

me..may b i vl try 2 go 2 us,n my frnds i think few of den vl get job b4 they leave.

ME: How was the freshers' day? Describe everything you remember on that day....... Long answer plz

7 hills : fst of al thanx 2 ashok...atleast startd freshers in sphoorthy 4m our batch.he did his best...coming to that
day...had gud fun atleast in dis 3 years.had fun 4m d begining vth dance n d one i likd is rose presenting.but did a small
miscievious thing my frnd..sry 4 tat.v did our level best in d campus itself.

ME: Describe everything you remember on that day.......

7HILLS: arey wishy ashish 2maro

7HILLS: ok

7HILLS: 2day.dont 4get again he vl feel ra

ME: wishy?

ME: hehe.... I get it

7HILLS: ee anthe ra inka

ME: How was the Annual day? Describe EVERYTHING you remember on that day....... Long answer plz

7HILLS: anual day atleast a bit rockd in sphoorthy,n day startd vth lectures....4m d aftrnun v had gud tympass as v had gud
dance program n 2 had gud day on tat day as i did stage community...n a dance 4m our class had rockd...but gud
incidnts had covered by our camera man,,,its too funny..mimikri was highlite atleast a guy had got chance to scold ********
reddy...but its gud lunch vth icecreams...unxpctd lunch vth menu v had chickn fry mutton...n end vth icecreams....but d day
ended too fast had dissapointmnt of no lights coverage....shud hav b continued till midnyt..anyway its an one of d gud day in
clge life....

ME: Do you like Sphoorthy(I mean the college)? Give reasons for yes/no.... (I know its a classic question, but I do want to

see the kind of response)

7HILLS: noooooooooooo....i hate d one who alyas opposite wat evr it vl not b in student favour fst of
all...vl nt let d students to b free..alyas things to fail in labs ..its a heaven nothing but...arey collection king like
mohan babu..collection of fine is der aim i thing.sphoorthy shud b band n clge shud b seazed..tats wat i say( a controversy,
I know.....)

7HILLS: nexy

ME: Do you think it is necessary to maintain a blog/Community for a class? If not, why? If yes, why?

7HILLS: arey question paper leak chesina

7HILLS: hahaha

ME: Rai

7HILLS: ok ok i v; nt say inka

7HILLS: i feel d blog gets usd aftr completion of 4th many dont hav net at hme..atleast 20 of dem visit regularly shud b der...n wat i feel is create a daily visit compulsry n improve only about us clge happenings n
atleast v feel its a symbol 4 us...but had gud polls in d communiti..n wat i feel is gud n it shud b der

ME: "One" thing you've learnt in B.Tech

7HILLS: coming to clge xcept d freshers n anual day othr days alyaz i hate clge...n coming to class a gud friends i had in
my life...those r unforgatable..n gud enjoymnt as d best 4m class

7HILLS: theone thing i learnt 4m dis 3years is dont neglect studies n dont b close to whom u like as much as..

ME: Where else have you gone with your pals in your time? ( I mean, outside the college)

7HILLS: its n njoymnt..v usd to bunk clases n goin to dhabas b upparguda 4 white water 4 my friends..n went to imax.n alyaz
sitting in restaurants vth some pals..itsn gud tym...but not more visitd outside in dis shud hav succesfull tou
vch is goin 2 b in vl d best njoymnt in life i feel/

ME: Do you think industrial tour will go well? Do you think a tour will help us get closer to each other?

7HILLS: ya i feel its goin to b success..n more ovr wat evr v had vth friends is half part..goin to tour makes us
unforgatable days..vl hav a grat njoymnt n best in life wat i feel.

ME: "One" thing you haven't learned in B.Tech

7HILLS: its over ra

ME: whats over?

7HILLS: tat question is over

ME: "One" thing you haven't learned in B.Tech

7HILLS: respecting elders n negligence

ME: What is the difference between depletion mode and enhancement mode Metal Oxide Semiconductor?

7HILLS: hahahahahaaaaaaaaa

7HILLS: absent sir

ME: just kidding.


7HILLS: ayipoyinda

7HILLS: unda inka

ME: Do u think one guy in class can change all the minds?

7HILLS: ya but not all atleast a max members he can do it..

ME: explain plz

7HILLS: in our class v all listens a guy....n v vl b in his favour alyas...v al leave d responsibility
2 him to take care as if v feel v l listn watecr he v only motivates him alone to interfere im evry
activities...that boy is felix...

ME: try not to exaggerate...

7HILLS: aaaaaa

ME: whats the next urgent thing needed to Happen in college?

7HILLS: hahaha 3rd years industrial tour

ME: And If you were given an opportunity to change anything in the college, what would it be?

7HILLS: freedom in evrything

7HILLS: no dress code n leave clge wenevr u like

ME: conclude the Interview session.... Ask your own two questions and answer them yourself...

7HILLS: wat is ur name

7HILLS: my name is srinivas reddy

7HILLS: wat do u do??iim doin 3rd year


ME: Thank you for your time and effort... Kudos to Srinivas Reddy...

ME: well, thats over.

ME: Can I use 7hills in the blog or Srinivas...?

7HILLS: job guarantee aa

7HILLS: ur wish


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