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Sphoorthy Engineering College, Hyderabad

I just hope that the construction won't take forever.

I had to pull many strings to get these pictures. No, I don't mean to 'steal' these pictures. I mean to actually take these pictures. Our Souvenir (Yes, its finally out - we'll get our individual copies when we go get our certificates) needed those pics, so Me and Asish had to explain that to the management and get them to agree (wasn't that difficult) and getting everyone to be present on that day was a big headache. Honestly, who would wanna come to college in the final year.

You'll find this post 'useful' only if you are a '09 passout (juniors too) from Sphoorthy Enginnering College. If you are not, then you might think of closing the browser ;)


Herez our class. 5 girls were absent along with Yadav and others.

Pardhu (Second row from top, third from Right) had his leg fractured. So had to first persuade him to come down (Pics were taken in the lobby) and later help him to come down. We fought to stand at the top, but it turned out that the middle row turned out to be the best place :) . Our A.D. and H.O.D were absent (You can notice them too in the pic - Magic). Had some trouble calling Mr. Mukesh down as he was having his lunch.


Herez the CSE guyz - known very well for their 'Silent Treatment'.


The IT Batch.

Took some time (for them and for everyone else) to mingle - I think it was at Praveen's Sister's wedding that we 'really' got to know one another (and by that I mean me getting to know them at the after-party). Only trouble was getting the girls to fill the Souvenir Form.


The Faculty. I don't think that I'd be qualified enough to describe them. You know them better than I do.


The Office and other Staff.

I think you might remember somethings that are very interesting with some of these guys in this pic. Coming late to college and made to stand in the corridor? Kicked out because you didn't have an ID? Or Kicked out of class because you were making one hell of a noise? Didn't happen to you? I had many such experiences :)


Herez a Collage of the IT batch.

I put in as many pics a possible (using Picasa). Took one hell of a time to make everyone's faces visible. If there are any IT guys looking at this, then this one's dedicated to you. Hope you like it. I still am working on the ECE and CSE ones. ECE'z already in the site. But CSE - don't even have a single pic of them. Well, I can atleast say "I Tried".

I had to severely resist myself from Watermarking these pics with 'www.ecerocks.com' as that looks unnatural (and maybe bcoz you ppl will fire back at me for that).

View MY ALBUM for the Original Pictures

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Final Year ECE Project Abstracts

20080819_0095 (Large) Here’s my share of help to those who are just starting to select either their Major or Mini Projects from Electronics and Communication Engineering. I am posting the abstracts of some of my friends’ projects. Look’em up and see if are interested in any of those fields. There are mainly three to four fields in ECE.

  1. Embedded Systems
  2. VLSI - Very Large Scale Integrated Circuit Technology (Mainly Designing in VHDL or Verilog)
  3. DSP – Digital Signal Processing
  4. DIP – Digital Image Processing

and such. First choose a field in which your interest lies, then work on your project. Nobody does it for you. You’ll have to work it out all by yourself. Its a waste of Money and time if you go to Private Organizations to do your work. You’ll learn many things, by doing the projects all by yourselves. Be sure to decide well.

Here are the abstracts to some of them.

1. Finger Print Security

Personal Safes are revolutionary locking storage cases that open with just the touch of your finger. These products are designed as secure storage for medications, jewelry, weapons, documents, and other valuable or potentially harmful items.These utilize fingerprint recognition technology to allow access to only those whose fingerprints you choose. It contains all the necessary electronics to allow you to store, delete, and verify fingerprints

JTO 2009 Solutions - Key for Sets - A B C D


I've written my BSNL JTO 2009 Exam Yesterday. I was surprised when I couldn't find any answers (key) to my Set's Questions in the internet. Even though some of them posted Set wise answers, they were not arranged in a readable Format. So I took a couple of hours of checking the answers of sets and arranging them in a much more READABLE tabular format. I don't promise that every answer given in here is 100% Right, but atleast it's a reference.

Here are the cutoff's

Section wise Cut Off's for JTO 2009

Section - I


Section - II


Section - III : GK


Overall For General


Overall For Categories


The answers for the GK section are given at the bottom of the post.

Here is the Key for JTO 2009

Ashok's Diary 2

It’s Round 2 of my Diary .

As much as I hate to publish this, it’s the only way to get everything right and True.

Today, I am taking a step further in fulfilling the main objective of this site – Putting down my Memories of B.Tech. What better way to put down memories, than read out my diary. Unlike last time where I scanned my diary and left it for you to read by yourself, I’ve typed the whole thing to make it easier.

I chose one of my MOST memorable moments of my B.Tech. I found this one while I was dusting my good old diary off the shelf.

This is from 2007 – My Second Year, Second Semister. After Four Months of Training with my batch-mates (ECE-II) with the sole purpose of defeating our Seniors (ECE-III). We even faced Nature (Literally, we played for over an hour in the rain many times). Our only motive was to defeat our seniors who in the previous year easily wiped us out. Our team consisted of



Shashi Kanth




Ajay (Extra)

Asish used to taunt us, calling us “The Final Team” when we were practicing. We always divided ourselves into two teams. One – ‘the final team’ and another consisting the rest. The rule was the loser has to get out of the field and give their places to those who are waiting to play. The Other team always lost. We were constantly trying to improve ourselves, our team co-ordination, understanding our players weakness’ along with the Seniors’ too.

We don’t want to ruin the fun by telling everything, do we?

I’ll let the Diary speak for itself.

Wednesday, Jan-10, 2007

Don't remember the periods that happened today, bu the games/sports were commenced in the afternoon. The volleyball matches were to be conducted today. The timetable was



Winner-I Vs. Winner-III






Winner-II Vs. Winner IV



I was shocked to see that we are going to compete with Anil’s(My elder brother) class

eventually, but was happy with the first round (happy, but cautious). We were sure that ECE-III(My Brothers Section) would easily reach the Semi-Finals. The first match results were expected. ECE-III won in two sets(out of three). CSE-II too won(These were in the finals last year). Our match(ECE-II) was difficult but we cleared it in the end. I made a mistake to go on to striking & to be at the center (Anil told me this). Tomorrow’s match is not going to be easy. Not easy at all.

Last year ECE-III defeated us very easily in the first round itself. 7Hills told us that if we win tomorrow's match against ECE-III, he would give a Bavarchi Biryani party to all players (Bajji said he would supply the water packets). I thought of replacing Kranthi with Y.Kartheek (Ajay was not an option cos our back end was strong enough). Went to the Java class (in the evening). Felt very sleepy.

Thursday, Jan 11, 2007

Was not sure about today’s periods(classes) but was very nervous about the match with ECE-III. Everyone in our class were telling me to win this one match only (They meant win this one and we need no other). Seeing the defeat we’ve taken last year in Volleyball against ECE-III, this match was showing to be more difficult than expected. Was pulled out of ET(Electrical Technology) lab for the match. The match was (for) 3 rounds. Everyone from our class was present (they bunked) & were cheering their hearts out.

Started the first round (lost the toss and found ourselves in a side with the sun facing us – big disadvantage). They were a bit negligent in the beginning (Anil was at the center). Scraped a good many points with our Under-arm Services ( I was doing one mistake – taking the centering and interrupting the cutter – Shashi (again) – but I rectified it before it was too late). We won the first round pretty easily. The cheers reached the skies. The second round was very difficult. They (Srikanth – ECE-III) targeted Y.Karthik who was not fast (active) enough to take the ball at the net. They won the second round.

The third round was very very difficult to clear. They took the lead at the beginning. I thought if we are losing the match then why not lose it with my Upper-arm Services. But the services, turned out to be a blessing. It gave us a good 7 or 8 points. We won the match with 13-15... (ECE Rocked Indeed) Everyone of our class guys ran in to hug & cheer us (They even carried some of us halfway to the canteen). After about twenty minutes the finaly Volleyball match with CSE-II.

I agreed for a 5-round match. They won the first, we won the second & they won the third. We were very tired by the end of 4rth round. What with ECE-III cheering CSE-III (that’s betrayal – cheering for other group), we were (very) discouraged. Anyways, lost the 4rth round. Disappointed we were, yes, but were satisfied with the defeat of ECE-III. Went to Java class. Very tired by evening.

This was the first day and the first time, where almost the whole college viewed an event with such involvement. Even our class girls cheered for us when we played the match against our Seniors. Pardhu, Shivakar gave their best from the backe end. As did Shashi, Anirudh and Y. Kartheek. Whatever the result was, we never got neither 7Hills' Biryani party nor Bajji's Water Packets.

Its a matter of perspective......

If you are searching for 'Secrets Unknown' in my diary, I'm afraid you won't find any :) . I told you already. Its all a matter of perspective :)


Yes Dudes, I've finally done it.
Registered it about 4 days ago.
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The site address is -

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I've even changed the look of our blog....

JTO 2009 - My Calc and Reservation

Actually, I think the JTO exam is called 'JTO 2008' (I mean its written JTO 2008 on my hallticket). Asish told me that this time the competition for JTO posts has risen from 10 Lakhs to 45 Lakhs (Any genuinity conflicts, please book a case against Asish). Thats around 350% rise in the applicants alone.

My center was at Hindu Degree College for women in Erragadda (yes, thats the one with the infamous Erragadda Mental Hospital). I picked up Asish at 8.10 and started. We thought we'd reach a good half hour early. The exam was at 10.00 Am and unfortunately we reached the centre by 8.45. As we were not seriously aspiring to bag in the JTO post (not that it was even remotely possible), we did not take any book. But our co-applicants, were pretty serious about this Job and brought books with widths comparable to our JNTU All-in-one Spectrum Series. We sat outside for an hour(there was a very big Hanuman temple nearby) and then entered the exam center.

There was a small problem though. It was written in our halltickets that Calculators were allowed. So we were only too happy to oblige and carried our Casio fx-991ES Scientific Calculators (the same ones we so rarely used in our B.Tech). But in the exam hall, the invigilator told us that Scientific calcualators were not allowed. When I showed him my hall ticket, he told me that they mentioned nothing about 'Scientific' in there. But when we were given our Question paper booklets which were sealed, they mentioned something VERY contradictory about bringing Calculators.