A Complete ‘09 Collection

Sphoorthy Engineering College, Hyderabad

I just hope that the construction won't take forever.

I had to pull many strings to get these pictures. No, I don't mean to 'steal' these pictures. I mean to actually take these pictures. Our Souvenir (Yes, its finally out - we'll get our individual copies when we go get our certificates) needed those pics, so Me and Asish had to explain that to the management and get them to agree (wasn't that difficult) and getting everyone to be present on that day was a big headache. Honestly, who would wanna come to college in the final year.

You'll find this post 'useful' only if you are a '09 passout (juniors too) from Sphoorthy Enginnering College. If you are not, then you might think of closing the browser ;)


Herez our class. 5 girls were absent along with Yadav and others.

Pardhu (Second row from top, third from Right) had his leg fractured. So had to first persuade him to come down (Pics were taken in the lobby) and later help him to come down. We fought to stand at the top, but it turned out that the middle row turned out to be the best place :) . Our A.D. and H.O.D were absent (You can notice them too in the pic - Magic). Had some trouble calling Mr. Mukesh down as he was having his lunch.


Herez the CSE guyz - known very well for their 'Silent Treatment'.


The IT Batch.

Took some time (for them and for everyone else) to mingle - I think it was at Praveen's Sister's wedding that we 'really' got to know one another (and by that I mean me getting to know them at the after-party). Only trouble was getting the girls to fill the Souvenir Form.


The Faculty. I don't think that I'd be qualified enough to describe them. You know them better than I do.


The Office and other Staff.

I think you might remember somethings that are very interesting with some of these guys in this pic. Coming late to college and made to stand in the corridor? Kicked out because you didn't have an ID? Or Kicked out of class because you were making one hell of a noise? Didn't happen to you? I had many such experiences :)


Herez a Collage of the IT batch.

I put in as many pics a possible (using Picasa). Took one hell of a time to make everyone's faces visible. If there are any IT guys looking at this, then this one's dedicated to you. Hope you like it. I still am working on the ECE and CSE ones. ECE'z already in the site. But CSE - don't even have a single pic of them. Well, I can atleast say "I Tried".

I had to severely resist myself from Watermarking these pics with 'www.ecerocks.com' as that looks unnatural (and maybe bcoz you ppl will fire back at me for that).

View MY ALBUM for the Original Pictures

Njoy…. ;)

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SwethaReddy said...

Hey Ashok,
Good work...nuv em chesina tirugundadu asalu....
Mana A.D super kada same pose for all photos.. I think okate mata okate baanam okate pose type anukunta.....

Hey kompadeesi mana A.D ki ite teliyadu kada nee website gurinchi

Ashok Felix said...

Thanks :)
Thirgundadha? Pani pata leka intlo koorchunte ilanti posts e vasthay.

Naaku thelisi theliyadhanukunta....
ecerocks.com ki publicity avasaram ledhu kadha.
Its just there to satisfy my and a small group of subscribers needs... Emantav?

SwethaReddy said...

Hey Do you know me???

Ashok Felix said...

Not Exactly.
But I can guess, I guess.... :)

As long as anybody expresses their opinion on any topic in the site, I don't really need to know who that is... What say you?

And, I need to update the college pic. I took it today in my mobile and Prasu sayz its too stylish (its not supposed to look like that, according to him... lolz).

SwethaReddy said...
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Prasanna said...

haha yahhh mari antha neat ga coll kanipiste janalu ekkuva expectations petukuntaru ....
infact mosapotharu

msr reddy said...

mana college construction plan neku ichedunde..

miss ayyindi

msr reddy said...

COLLEGE ZOOM lo chuste keka unnadi