JTO 2009 - My Calc and Reservation

Actually, I think the JTO exam is called 'JTO 2008' (I mean its written JTO 2008 on my hallticket). Asish told me that this time the competition for JTO posts has risen from 10 Lakhs to 45 Lakhs (Any genuinity conflicts, please book a case against Asish). Thats around 350% rise in the applicants alone.

My center was at Hindu Degree College for women in Erragadda (yes, thats the one with the infamous Erragadda Mental Hospital). I picked up Asish at 8.10 and started. We thought we'd reach a good half hour early. The exam was at 10.00 Am and unfortunately we reached the centre by 8.45. As we were not seriously aspiring to bag in the JTO post (not that it was even remotely possible), we did not take any book. But our co-applicants, were pretty serious about this Job and brought books with widths comparable to our JNTU All-in-one Spectrum Series. We sat outside for an hour(there was a very big Hanuman temple nearby) and then entered the exam center.

There was a small problem though. It was written in our halltickets that Calculators were allowed. So we were only too happy to oblige and carried our Casio fx-991ES Scientific Calculators (the same ones we so rarely used in our B.Tech). But in the exam hall, the invigilator told us that Scientific calcualators were not allowed. When I showed him my hall ticket, he told me that they mentioned nothing about 'Scientific' in there. But when we were given our Question paper booklets which were sealed, they mentioned something VERY contradictory about bringing Calculators.

This was written on the hall ticket.
  • A candidate should bring with her/him the following to the examination hall:
a) ADMIT CARD issued by BSNL
b) One/ two ball point pens, atleast two HB pencils, one eraser, one sharpener, non-programmable calculator and a simple wrist watch.
  • One point mentioned stuff that the candidates were NOT suppposed to carry... something like papers, cell phones, pagers, laptops, palmtops, ipod/mp3 players, electronic dairy, rulers, slide rules, drawing instruments, sophisticated wrist watches, watches with built-in calculators/memory, alarm clocks, stop watches or any other gadget/device.

This was written on the Question paper Booklet they issued just before the exam commenced.
  • The same points above... but it said "Scientific Non-Programmable Calculator" was allowed.
So, when I notified the invigilator that Scientific Calculator was infact allowed, he looked
confused, read the instructions in my booklet, and said -

"AHA, it says 'non-programmable'. Yours is a programmable one. So its not allowed".

I was speechless.
I regained my senses asap, and asked him if my calculator was indeed programmable, then would he be kind enough to tell me Which Programming language my 991ES executes- C, Java, Python or Dot Net.
Now it was his turn to be dumbfounded. He said seriously,

"Scientific PROGRAMMABLE calculators are not allowed, so close the cover of your calculator".

I started to argue. But there was only one other guy with a calculator (older model which our seniors used 991 MS) and he already waved a white flag and closed the lid of his calculator. You might have already guessed the outcome of this Calculator war, I HAD to close mine too.

I did not actually know if I needed my calculator (not that I remember any formulas to substitute). Its been over 2 years, since I've seriously used 'some' functions in my calc. I was bored, so I just followed the arguement. Unfortunately, there were around 5-6 problems which could have been easily solved using the calc. But since it was Programmable, it had a brain of its own and could think and tell me all the answers of the JTO 2008 question paper, I was prohibited to use it. I am not frustrated because I was not allowed to use the calc when it could have been used. My main Frustration was Asish USED the calc. His room fortunately had more people with Calc's than people without. So they had the same arguement and they WON. This is so unfair.

But we both know what the outcome is.
There were 3 sections.

Section 1: 50 Q's : 1 Mark Each
Section 2: 50 Q's: 1-20 1 Mark Each: 21-50 2 Marks each
Section 3: 20 Q's: 1-20 1 Mark Each.

So there were 90 1 Mark Q's and 30 2 Mark Q's. I attempted around 70 1 Mark Q's and 10 2 Mark Q's. You think thats "WOW". The punchline is "Negative Marking".
0.25 Mark for 1 Mark Q's.
0.5 Mark for 2 Mark Q's.

I think I got atleast 30 of 'em right. So say WOW now. I figured that I am however not gonna get the post, so might as well lose in STYLE... :)

Now lets get to business.
Yes, I really mean Business.

How much did BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) earn by conducting this exam?

Lets consider a lowly 30,00,000 candidates applied for the exam (I think 45 Lakhs is a little too much, but I will balance that amount in the expenditure section).

Since each application form costed around Rs.750/- (and thats not counting the DD fee of Rs.45/-), the grand total derived from the application fee alone is
750 * 30,00,000 = 22500,00,000

I don't even know how to read that (I honestly am confused where to put the commas). Herezthe help I got from the internet to help me read that ;)

Thats "Rs. Two billion Twenty Five Crore Lakhs and Zero Paise"
according to this guy . Or else download the software he used (or created) from here .

In American terms, thats "Rs. Two Billion Two Hundred and Fifty Million"
according to this.

Now THATS a LOT of MONEY. No No, the calculation is right. I've checked it around 10 times till now (when the amount reaches billions, its better to re-check). If you think my calculation is wrong, then put down a case on MICROSOFT, because the calc I've used for this particular calculation is from Windows 7, and its not from my 991 ES... (Evil laugh... EHAHAHA.. Muahahaha.....)... :)

I'm not stupid enough to say that BSNL earned the whole above depicted (I don't have the energy to type the whole amount) amount.

Some amount has to be taken out for preparing the question papers, transporting them to Exam centers across India, arranging security for those papers from the moment they were printed (I don't think this counts as the Security is Govt.'s concern), Printing the hall tickets, question paper booklets, Managing the database of applicants, Correcting the papers, Posting information on the internet(not much), etc and etc.

Out of each student's Rs. 750/-, let us take a GENEROUS Rs.150/- to cover all costs from the moment of the notification of the posting to the actual selection of those lucky few.

So the expenditure comes to around
150 * 45,00,000 = 6750,00,000

Thats around Rs. Rs. Sixty Seven crore Fifty Lakh.

That leaves them with
Rs. 22500,00,000 - Rs. 6750,00,000 = Rs. 27000,00,000/-
Thats Rs. Two billion and Seventy crores.

Now, the total vacancies for JTO are around 3945.

Vacancies as per BSNL JTO-2009 notification:
Category-wise vacancies as per above notification is as follows:
JTO(Telecom):Total Vacancies: 3545
Category-wise Breakup: SC: 459 ST:239 OBC:989 General:1858
JTO(Civil): Total Vacancies: 200
Category-wise Breakup: SC:23 ST:16 OBC:69 General:92
JTO(Electrical):Total Vacancies: 200
Category-wise Breakup: SC:15 ST:30 OBC:55 General:100

The monthly salary comes to around Rs. 25,000 (pay-scale of Rs. 9850-250-14600).

Let us again be generous and increase the salary to 30,000 Per Month.
The amount left out i.e., 27000,00,000 is enough to pay

27000,00,000 / 30,000 = 90000 Months of Salary.

Considering 4000 Vacancies, and dividing the 90000 Months of salary among 4000 JTO's,
The amound is sufficient to fund -
90000 / 4000 = 22.5 Months for every JTO.

Let me summarize my calculations,

The amount BSNL got from the applications, removing the considered expediture of course, is enough to pay TWO YEARS SALARY (apprx) of Four Thousand JTO's hired from the EXAM itself.

Thats like taking the amount from the people, and paying them to their employees. That is Wickedly Awesome... ;)

Thats one part of the Core Issue.
Next comes the Reservation System.

If you ask me "Are against the Reservation System?", I don't even take a second to say I AM.
I mean, I don't mean any disrespect to the castes, of course, but what we are seeing today is a complete transformation to the true meaning of the reservation system.

Lets consider JTO itself.


SC: 459

ST: 239

OBC: 989

OC: 1858

TOTAL: 3545













Out of the 3945 posts, 1895 are Reserved.
Thats more than 48% of the total posts.
This seems too unfair.

I am normally not of the complaining type. But I can't help raising my voice and concerns when it comes to Reservations in India.

From the moment I (and you too, if you are from India) stepped out of Intermediate, Every professional course I saw had an amount of reservation. I didn't see the EFFECT of this Reservation till I had my EAMCET councelling. My Fellow students, who scored lower marks than me, got higher ranks than me, were able to choose better colleges, and by the time it was my turn, most of the seats in good colleges were already taken (I should also blame myself for that). Doesn't this seem to you as if its a little too much.

Not only B.Tech, every and I stress Every single one of the technical and professional courses were along the same lines.

Its fine and good for the Govt. to provide Free Education. I promote that and I will vote(when I get it) for any Minister that provides Free Education. Let the Govt. provide free education till Pre-University College (thats Intermediate for AP guys) till the point where you reach a career cross-roads. From that point, seats (and jobs as well) have to be based on Merit and Merit alone. I agree that the other castes should be given a shot at everything. But giving them a gun and asking them to shoot in the head at Point-Blank Range is not agreeable. If the student, be it from any caste or creed or color, manages to get a seat in any university based on his Merit alone, then the Govt. is supposed to take measures to see that he completes the course.

The political phrase "Everyone is Equal" has now turned to a question "Is Everyone Truly Equal?". You Say.

Too many topics amalgamated to form a jumbled Kichdi. If my guess is correct, you are bored to death. If not, then you are not normal... :)

All the numbers are just fictionary. I am not responsible for any of those numbers and calculations. If any of the BSNL heads are reading this, then

"I am INNOCENT, Please don't arrest me. It was all Asish"... hehe...

Have Fun.


Ashok Felix said...

Speak out Dudes... :D

Anonymous said...

45K is simply pun
BSNL is gonna put a case on u guys :P
well all i can say is ..this is wat happens when a person contibutes his 750 rs to the grand total.

ajay reddy said...

aa reservation lolli eppudu aaghuthe appudu India bhaaghupaduthundhi .
Tagore film lo chiru list chepinatundhi ra...eee analysis.
Next India's finance minister in the year 2014 is Mr.G.Ashok Kumar,BTECH,MBA.

Unknown said...

my centre at chennai ... but thay are not allowed to use scientific calculator

Anu said...

My centre was at Victory Girls High School, Nemom, Trivandrum. There also they didnt allow to use any type of the calculators,it was almost like a bank test. I too couldnt attend some 5 or 6 questions(2 marks each) which could be easily solved if i had the calculator with me!!!

05EC01 said...

Same thing at Delhi...not allowed to use calculators...on the other hand, no one in my room(including me) had brought one ;)

Anonymous said...

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I suggest you to try to look in google.com, and you will find there all answers.

Anonymous said...

I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
And you et an account on Twitter?

Anonymous said...

Who told you that 45 lakh people applied. Arey the official figure is 3.58 lakh. Of them 74,000 applied from andhra pradesh. Note that everyone didn't pay Rs.750 exam fee. Don't post such scrap uninformed data.

Ashok Felix said...

Yup, It is Scrap dude... Look at the title of the blog... its Genesis of Vexing... hehe....

Kiddin... Just reduce a zero in the numbers and thats it. All the numbers work just fine... Everyone didn't pay 750. But instead of 3.58 Lakh, normalizing the applications to 3 Lakh balances out the amount, don't you think?

Where did you find out the official figure?? I'm serious :D

Asish said...

Ha Ha BSNL JTO exam was really funny, I do remember calc stuff and our calculations before exam about income for BSNL while others are working really hard to crack the paper.

One more thing is the business started by chai bandi outside the center is really unforgettable, who collected 5 rupees from each student to keep track of students cell phone and personal belongings just similar to chappal stand outside the temple since mobile is not allowed inside the hall.