Yes Dudes, I've finally done it.
Registered it about 4 days ago.
You don't have to remember or type the complete address of our blog.
All you need to do is remember "ECEROCKS"

The site address is -

For the present I've redirected the site to the ecerocks blog. If you are very impatient, the click on the Image of ECEROCKS. That will take you to the blog.

I've even changed the look of our blog....


I've removed the dark brown feel of the blog and adapted a more eye-friendly light colored design. Added some new Gadgets on the right column too.

Instead of displaying a single post with all the links to the Other posts (Index Page),
I've decided to display 10 Most Recent Posts in the home page.

I know you don't want to look at everything in every post,
so I've fixed the length of every post in the home page and added a "Continue Reading" link at the end of the Paragraph.
Now you can only read Whatever You WANT TO read, not which you are FORCED to read.
I've also made the design a little interesting by adding a Thumbnail image of the relevant post at the Left Side of the post. Just for Kicksake.

Once you've gone through all the posts in the home page, Click on the "Previous Posts" at the bottom of the page. That will take you to the Older 10 Posts.

Whenever you feel like checking out the Community Discussions in Orkut, All you need to do is click on the "ECE ROCKS in Orkut" at the top of the Page.
If you wish to get back to me in Orkut, Click on Me - will take you to my Profile in Orkut (This is only temporary, till I come out with something else).

Added a E-Mail Subscription Facility - Can Read new posts in E-mail.
Added a custom Google Search - that is still not efficient enough.
Added a new Intro to the site.
Added a new Poll (Be sure to Vote).
And of course, there always the ever present Blog Archive.
Many more coming.

I've removed the duplicate Posts and Non-Working Images (It means I repaired the blog). If you find anything fishy or out of place, let me know.

And guys, its not enough just to read the blog, enjoy and leave.
Its Minimum MANNERS to leave a Comment in the blog (either +ve, -ve or just your views).
Please DO THAT.

And don't forget to keep checking the Site and the blog. You Never KNOW whats in STORE for you. You might as well Learn some secrets too.....

Coming Soon: A Post on our Educational Tour.
About this, I am sure about One thing,

AND You won't be disappointed. (Wait, thats two things.... I need to revise on my Numbers... :) )


Anonymous said...

And all the best
Good Work...

ajay reddy said...

Theme is simple and cool ra ...its something like turning out pages from my dairy.....thanks for that ra keep going...