Digi-Souvenir: Our B.Tech Souvenir Software

I’d like to keep this post as short and brief as possible… (Ya, you think thats exaggerating after the last couple of posts :D)

I beleive most of the 2005-2009 batch mates (my) have already taken their Souvenir Copies  while taking their Consolidated Marks Memos and Provisional Cetrtificates from the College. For those of you who havent, Souvenir is a book  containing detailed profiles of every student. This is the Digital Version of it (and I created it with AHK … hehe.. Self Dabba)


Well, I digitized it and created a small software (it’d be better to call it a tool) and decided to name it “Digi-Souvenir” (Here I go again, Self Dabba…lolz). I’ve included every students profile in it. All you have to do is to type in the last three digits in your JNTU roll no, and viola… therez your complete profile.

Entering a roll, opens up a separate window with the profile of the respective roll’d person. Herez how it looks… For Example – I typed in : “427”, then I got a window of Prasannaz Profile… It looks like

digi3I’ve blurred the sensitive, details of my pal for security issues. I mean, if there are any hot girls looking out there, who might be interested in my buddy. Itz my responsibility to save him na??  hehe… :)

(Off the record: If you are interested in this guy, then write a comment, I sure will give you ALL the details, sry ra Prasu… Rotfl)
I’d like to thank Prasu for Reviewing the Software. I will have to Upgrade it from Version 1 if possible. I wonder what happens when it reaches Version 43 – Colossal Interference and the Universe disappears??

Nuff Said. Herez the link to download the Digital Souvenir


Its in a 7zip format. You can open it using 7zip or Winrar
Its also encrypted with a password.
For ECE’09 and IT’09 Guys, its the same password I mailed you for the “Contact Sheet” I mailed you some time earlier containing your batch’s contact information.
For Others, Write a comment for the password along with your email, and I’ll send it to  ya – Its Private stuff after all.

I’ve still gotta add a lot of profiles to the base. But heck, why delay the realease when you’ve laid the foundation.

Thanks to Naresh(Jummu) for reminding me that I created this small tool a long time ago. I completely forgot about it… hehe  … :D

And beware, Don’t Even think of clicking the “Don’t Click” Button… Its Deadly Dangerous… :D

Self-Dabba Starts here:
Actually the Credit for Coming up with the idea of a Souvenir goes to  my Brother Anil.
First Souvenir Released: 2008
Student Editors: Anil, Pratyusha and Spoorthy – Seniors (and I helped, you know)

Second Souvenir Released:2009
Student Editors: Me and Asish
The English Dept. also had a large role in this… Mrs. Vrinda, Head of the English Dept., in our college.

Translation to Non-Telugu Populace:
Self-Dabba: Self-Exaggeration

Don’t forget to leave a comment, even if you don’t like it…
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Enough Technicalities.
Njoy. Have a Nice Day.


shivakar reddy polepally said...

hey site open avvadiniki late avuthundi ra reason entoo ani anukunna chusaka thelisindi comrade prasanna pic undi andukaa ani.......hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
ashok u should have also kept our KULA DAIVAM SHEKIMOM profile yaar...appudu inka asalu site open ee kaadu full busy anthe........hehehehehehehehehehehehe

Prasanna said...

hehehe... comrade dis is 2much
antha chesinodini eemi aina andam anna vadu aamada dooram ki poyadu

Gmk said...

really this is a good one...........
can you give idea how to get a fresh copy of it so that we would carry out this for our batch.............

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