Updated Design: www.ecerocks.com

Here’z the good-old first header that I prepared for our old blog. I thought you might enjoy a peek at it….. :)

Another ground-breaking Design Update to our Site Guyz....
Plz Check it out and Comment....

Let me know if there are any loading/content Issues....

This time around, the design is mainly oreinted around decreasing the bandwidth of the site.... I mean, the time and Space the site takes to load. The previous theme was a Diary, made to remind you of the memories/events of the past that were posted in the site. But I decided to remove it on Prasu’z comment that the site is taking around 1.5 MB space for the home-page alone. And the images were hosted in a public server and one-too  many users opening at the same time is affecting the speed of its loading drastically.


  • I decreased the design to a minimum. No more background Images. No more Sidebar Images. So the MB is saved and it loads much faster.
  • I hope you like the new header. Should I add/subtract anything from it?
  • I removed some bloatware widgets.... and added a few light-weighted ones.
  • I organized ALL the 60 change posts into the following Labels found in the sidebar and at the bottom of every post:

ECE'09 - For Every Post related to Our ECE 2005-2009 Section Events
General - For all the General Posts
College-Related - For all the College related Issues
Electronics - Posts related to helping out our juniors and other Electronic Subjects
Gadgets - You know it, Just started thinking of this one.
Site-Related - for all the Website related Updates

  • I've also put up a "Links" Widget pointing to my favourite links which I am sure you will love once you go through them :) - Suggest me some new ones if you have any in mind.
  • Changed the Intro to the site.
  • Couldn't remove the "Continue Reading" javascript code even though it takes a little more bandwidth as it controls the central look and feel of our site. I am trying to find alternatives but until blogger includes this code in their own code limiting the post at the server itself, you and I have to put up with this nasty but necessary hack.
  • Added a small tracking code of google analytics at the bottom of the blog (you can see the empty space at the end) to record the statistics of the visitors. Helps me know what the readers (that means you) are interested in.
  • Removed the poll. Retained the picture collection slideshow and the subscription widget.
  • Removed the Stat Counter code as I felt it was an unnecessary luxury as I already have an account in Feed Burner (The e-mail subscription you see at the top right).
  • Changed the background to white, some small modifications to the CSS thingys to edit link/visited links/blog title/post title/date and time: colors and fonts. Very little change to the basic layout of the theme. I selected the Minima Strech theme. So had a little difficulty in putting up the header image. Had to remove the header section completely and put a small html code for displaying a simple picture. Downloaded a simple coffee mugged header, nativated it with retouching in Photoshop, and finally ended up with a pretty good looking picture. But the main problem was in dynamically changing the size of the picture with the window size. So blended the edges of the header image to make it look like the image is actually part of the background. Did a little untidy job there, but heck, who doesn't these days ???

Let me know what you guys feel... any improvements/modifications/additions/subtractions, leave a comment.

I personally prefer this one. The coffee/Tea mugs on the header make it much more fun and cool, don’t you think?