Must-Have Softwares: killer applications

  List of Must-Have Softwares that I have been using for a while. I personally prefer Freewares as I am beginning to see them as the way of the New Life. But there are some Paid Softwares too here. And you know where to get’em (ahem… *coughs violently*…..torrents…. ahem…. )skullI have been meaning to write this post for a very long time.
My main aim was to write a detailed review on every Essential Software that I tested and am currently using in my PC. But I re-thought the structure and decided to write only small reviews of them so that I could include many of them. I will be constantly updating this post, adding softwares on the go. I won’t drag it any further.

Here are Ashok’s Must-Have Softwares:

  1. BurnAware-Free: Used to Burn CD/DVD/Blu-ray Discs. The UI is very similar to Nero. Even a kid could operate it. I found absolutely no issues with this piece of software (Even Burns ISO Images). Can easily be used as an alternative to Nero (No need to wait for painstaking hours for the installation). Its a mere 5 MB (Nero is some Hundreds). Click here to Download
    The only thing missing from this is Creating an Image from CD/DVD. But that is solved with ISO Recorder.
  2. Free Download Manager: You just can’t live without this, if you are a downloader. Its the BEST there is. And what more… Its free. It can even download Flash Videos from sites like Youtube. I use this very frequently. If used in the ‘Heavy Mode’ it uses every last bit of your Bandwidth to download the files. A Great Download Accelerator and Manager.  Download here.


Up For Grabs :)

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If you don’t know what this post is about, then you still didn’t get it. When you DO get it, don’t forget to write a review here. And this is in No Way related to Playboy Magazine… :)

My Second Sketch – Comrade Shivakar

This week seemed to pass in a “Frenzy of Flights”.  Everyone’s leaving for US. And for the rest of us (or at least for me)
No Sleep.
No Rest.
Riding from the Sunrise to the Sunset.
Why you ask me? These fellows (I mean my friends of course who left for the US of A) always book a flight when even the ghosts are hibernating – Either its a flight at 1.00 AM or its a Flight at 4.00 AM.
Ajay, Shivakar, Maddy, Paddy and Deva. (Yashwanth – CSE leaves tomorrow – its his today).
Everyone from ECEz almost vanished. I Hope they are doing fine.

Remember My Futile Attempt at Sketching. Well, I did the same for Shivakar. Sketched it for around 3 hours. Took a lot less time to do this one. I just kept scratching the pencil over paper. I think the picture looks more like Kranthi than Shivakar. Oh, well. I used a HB pencil and an A4 sheet for this one.

But, I think I am getting the hang of it. I had a problem creating lighter textures on paper. Now I know the meaning of all those HB, 1B, 2B, 3B…. numbered pencil’s. The pencils number indicates the darkness of the shade. My bro gave me box of those (still have to learn how to use’em). I think I will start a topic on Drawing lessons and post whatever I learn on drawing. What an Idea, Sirjee (Maybe I’ll start with the Structure of the Human Body – from the downloaded videos, all thanks to _).

I wanted to post this a lot earlier. But I didn’t for a reason I still haven’t found out :).  I presented Shivakar with his own Picture – I wonder if he recognized himself (and people, enough with the drawer thingy ). I don’t think I will ever get all the features of the face right. I won’t bother you people (or embarrass Shivakar) by going into the details of what went wrong with the sketching (things like, the nose is at a wrong angle, the moustache is not staged right, etc… :D ). The last time, the face was ok but the shirt was left out. This time, the shirt came out fine, but the face is not upto the mark. I wonder who my next victim will be.

Shivakar2Small (Large)_thumb[3] Here’s the unedited  raw sketch