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The Aim of this post is to provide info. about Windows Explorer plugins that are FREE and small in size but providing some ‘useful’ (yeah, literally) functions that we can use in daily life. I think we can all agree that Windows Explorer is one the sh**tiest explorers around. When you try to move a folder and an error occurs, you can’t do anything about it. When you need to open multiple folders in a single window, there is no such thing.
Plugin Fac ecerocks

(Don’t you wonder Why the heck did I put that box there…. was just playing around in Photoshop when I ended up with that…. Also see the Coloring I tried at the end of this post… it turned out to bee good… atleast better than this box up here… hehe…)

Windows Explorer Plugins provide that extra-needed functionality, thanks to those jobless (or rich) programmers out there…. hehe….
The description to each of these plugins is given at the bottom of the table…





Folder View

Shows sizes of folders and files in the same column in Explorer

224 KB



Tabbed Browsing/Folder Navigation using Mouse, and many more

494 KB



Copy and Move files at the maximum possible speed, with Pause/Resume support

1.53 MB



Floating Box, Hide Windows and Applications,Minimize to tray, Opacity, etc

152 KB


Explorer BreadCrumbs

Quickly see and navigate through the entire folder hierarchy without leaving the current window

333 KB



customize the color of every Windows XP folder

1.4 MB
6.9 MB


Lyrics Plugin

View lyrics automatically in Windows Media Player or Winamp when a song is played.

78.1 KB
62.4 KB


Folder View Plugin for Windows Explorer:

I’ve always had this problem. Whenever I want to copy a folder from one to other, I have to see its properties to find its size to check whether that folder will fit in my pen-drive or not. I have been searching for a solution for this small annoying problem, where I can display the folder size in Explorer itself. Well, I finally found it and what’s more…. ITS FREE. You can download it from here…..
Its just 224 KB in size, so you needn’t worry about your limits…. hehe….

You better have some System Resources, cuz it takes a little more machine power than the old one…. :)

  1. Windows 2000 and XP are Supported. It doesn’t work in Vista.
  2. Here is the Plugin Installer (regular 32-bit) (XP x64).
  3. Install the FolderSize Plugin Program by running the setup (by clicking next)
  4. Right Click on the Column Headers in any folder and you’ll get some options as Shown in the Screenshot…Folder-Size
  5. Select and activate the “Folder Size” Column by clicking on it. You don’t even need the provided “Size” column anymore as Folder Size gives the size of the files too. So you can safely remove it.
  6. To make it the default view for all folders, go to Tools Menu->Folder Options->View and Click “Apply to all Folders” option.
  7. That’s it. You are done.
Customizing Folder Size:
  1. Go to Control Panel –> Folder View and you’ll be presented with these OptionsFolder Size Properties
  2. Here You can change the view to display in “Compact View”. After selecting this view, your view will be displayed in MB and GB so that it can be read much easily as shown.
    Folder Size


QTTabBar :

This application requires dotnetframework 2.0 or higher to work. You can get that from here or here. The plugin itself can be found here.
QTTabBar Plugin is a very useful one which provides Tabbed browsing in Windows explorer (much like Tabbed browsing in internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc). Here’s the screenshot….
 Tab View

Another ‘very useful’ feature of this plugin is the ability to navigate an entire folder length without actually opening anything. When you place your mouse on a folder you’ll get a dropdown list of the entire contents of the folder and you can navigate the contents in the same way. Clicking on a folder will open that particular folder as shown.

Folder Navigation This plugin is filled with a large amount of customizable options…. I didn’t go through them all as I was satisfied with Tabbed Browsing/Folder Navigating themselves… but for people who are interested in them… here are a collection of screenshots I’ve taken…
opt8 opt1 opt2 opt3 opt4

 opt5 opt6 opt7

An interesting feature of this app is the ability to add “Folder Groups” where you can group together similar folders. Try these options yourself and you’ll know. Not very heavy on resources (tested myself.. :)  )

TeraCopy Free Edition:

TeraCopy is a compact program designed to copy and move files at the maximum possible speed, providing the user a lot of features: (I am beginning to like this particular one)

  • Copy files faster. TeraCopy uses dynamically TeraCopyadjusted buffers to reduce seek times. Asynchronous copy speeds up file transfer between two physical hard drives.
  • Pause and resume file transfers. Pause copy process at any time to free up system resources and continue with a single click.
  • Error recovery. In case of copy error, TeraCopy will try several times and in the worse case just skips the file, not terminating the entire transfer.
  • Interactive file list. TeraCopy shows failed file transfers and lets you fix the problem and recopy only problem files.
  • Shell integration. TeraCopy can completely replace Explorer copy and move functions, allowing you work with files as usual.teracopy

DM2 Application:

Some features that are provided in DM2 are:

  • Minimize to floating icon
    This is a unique functionality that minimizes (i.e. switches) window to so-called "floating icon". Floating icons are small floating semi-transparent draggable rectangles (icons) that represents minimized windows.
    Usage: right click on minimizes window to floating icon:

    Left double-click on floating icon restores window to its previous state. Right click pops up a menu where user can set few options just for that specific floating icon, leaving default settings unchanged:
  • Minimize to tray
    Right mouse click on window's minimize button minimizes window to tray.
    Usage: right click on Minimizee minimizes window to tray: Minimize

    Left click on tray icon restores window to its previous state, right click pops up very simple menu, similar to floating icon right-click menu (including the window's screenshoot).

  • Hide window
    Right mouse click on window's close button totally hides a window.
    Usage: right click on Close hides window.

    Windows hidden by DM2 may be found in the Windows manager. Windows manager lists all windows that are minimized or hidden by DM2 and allow user to restore one or all of them.
  • Align and resize

    Behaviour of right clicking on any of three standard windows buttons (minimize, maximize, close) can be defined by user. Among other options, there are align and resize windows.


    Align pop up graphical menu allows user to simply align current window to screen edges or corners:


    Resize pop up menu is also self-explanatory. Window size may be changed to one of the preset sizes in pixels, as well in percentage of current screen size. Moreover, user may also specify different windows size in pixel or percents:

  • Enhanced system menu

    System menu (sometimes referred as: caption or title menu) is the pull-down menu, activated by clicking the icon at the left of a window's caption bar (title bar), that allows users to restore, move, size, minimize, or maximize the window. Besides window manipulation, user may specify a priority of a process to which window belong to!DM2 adds few more menu items to default system menu:

    Opacity Priority

    DM2 system menu options are self-explanatory. Let''s recapitulate how Windows user can pop up a system menu:

    1. by left click on the icon at the left of a windows caption bar (title bar),
    2. by right click on window's caption bar (title bar),
    3. by pressing ALT + SPACE hot-key combination.

    As seen on the above image, user may alternatively minimize a window both to floating icon and to tray only by using system menu.
  • Opacity and On-top flag
    As it is described above, DM2 can set the opacity level of any visible window. This can be done by choosing the DM2 system menu option 'Opacity'. Alternatively, user may turn on the special shortcut in DM2 options for setting the window's opacity interactively, just by right clicking the window's minimize/maximize/close buttons and holding one of the CTRL, ALT or SHIFT keys.
    Similarly, On-top flag can be switched by choosing the DM2 system menu option 'Always on top'. When a window is 'on-top' it remains in the front even when it is not active and when it lost it focus.
  • Process priority
    As described above, DM2 can set the priority of a process to which window belong to. Setting priority to lower then default ('Normal') will make application less responsive. Setting priority to higher then default will provide more CPU clocks to the application, which means it will run more responsive and bit faster. Higher priority is useful when some long operation has to be performed, such as calculations, conversion of audio formats etc. Note that higher priority of a process will make the rest of the Windows less responsive!
  • Open/Save dialog favorites & recent
    DM2 inserts an extra button in all default Windows Open/Save dialogs. When clicked, this button shows a pop up menu with user-defined favorite folders and files. Additionally, menu contains a special submenu ('Recent') with latest of previously used files and folders. By selecting one of the available menu items, user may navigate very fast and easily between favorite folders. This significantly saves time while opening and saving files, since it frees user from boring and time wasting browsing!

    Open Dialog

    Favorites menu contains several sections:

    • default - set of favorites available common for all applications,
    • 'Application' - set of program's executable shortcuts (not favorites!)
    • program specific (optional) - set of favorites defined for the specific application only.
    • 'Recent' - set of most recent used files and folders

Explorer BreadCrumbs:

Explorer Breadcrumbs is an add-in for Windows Explorer which contains a contextual series of buttons that allows you to quickly see and navigate through the entire folder hierarchy without leaving the current window. Download it HEREBreadCrumbs

Rather than navigating step-by-step through your folder hierarchy -- view your folders quickly and go directly to any location with a single click.


  • Saves time navigating through folders and files
  • Seamless integration with Windows Explorer
  • Changes appearance along with Windows themes


With just a right-click, colorize your folders, and discover a new intuitive way to classify your files. A quick look is now enough to identify the folder you are looking for !
iColorFolder Don’t mind the language…. :)
The skin pack for icons can be downloaded here

Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player and Winamp :

Lyrics Plugin is a piece of software tailored for music fans. To put it simply - it is an add-on to view lyrics in WinAmp or Windows Media Player. No more searching for lyrics. Just start listening to your favourite songs and lyrics will be displayed automatically. Oh, and if lyrics are not found, they can be added by anyone :)
winamp mediaplayer

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