The Future of Mobile Phones: Concept


Nokia’s Morph:

Morph1 Morph2

 Morph3 Morph4

Morph is a concept that demonstrates how future mobile devices might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform their mobile device into radically different shapes. It demonstrates the ultimate functionality that nanotechnology might be capable of delivering: flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces.

The ‘SeeSaw’ Mobile Concept:

 SeeSaw1 SeeSaw2

Featuring a high contrast OLED Display, a thin form factor and an almost flush fitting keypad. On the back there is ridge which houses a camera and a flashlight. This ridge also means if you set the phone down on a flat surface the slightly titled screen will still be visible.

Nokia AEON Concept:


Brix Concept: 


Brix2 Brix3

The full front face of the device is occupied by the display. But combined with the ability to connect to other Brix handsets, this thing has endless possibilities. The borderless-displays of the Brix handsets can be connected in modular fashion to form one giant display, as you see above. When connected, the handsets can share pics, vids, music, etc. and a temporary media folder is created to share files between the Brix phones until they’re disconnected.

BenQ Concepts:


   BenQ3 BenQ4


Esato Concept:


Designed from titanium and stainless steel, it measures 45 x 73.5 x 10.25 mm, and has two inner touch-sensitive screens. The main screen measures 2.8 inches, with 400 x 240 resolution, offering 262,000 colours.

ISD Concept:


It's like having Wikipedia wherever you go, but way cooler and more advanced. The artist's impression is for the said portable device to have a touchscreen panel, built-in camera, scanner, Wi-Fi connectivity, Google Maps and Google Search capabilities, etc.
The screen will probably double as the camera viewfinder, so it's like looking through a piece of transparent glass. And when you point it at an object, the device will be able to show you more details about it--such as the name of an insect, a car model, or food on the table--on the screen. We suppose at this point of time it will use the onboard Wi-Fi to grab information off the Web.

Tube Concept:

The ultimate chat machines.

 Tube Tube3

Tube2  Tube6

Tube4 Tube5

Pei-Hua Huang Concept:

w3 w1 w2

The phone has a 3 Megapixel camera and there is a 65k color LCD touchscreen display. The LCD display is not for you to preview the picture, instead a transparent frame is used as a viewfinder. The phone is named “What You See Is What You Get”. because what you can see in the   a transparent frame (viewframe) is what you can get as a photo shot.

Other Concepts:





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P.S.: Which ones do you like most? I like the pen, WristCell and ISD.


r4di said...

This all phone look so nice and very different from regular from I see first time in my life this kind of phone.Thank you for this post .

Ashok Felix said...

Thank you.... Glad you enjoyed it.. :)

Prasanna said...

I dont see any future here
the future is Sixth sense ..check it out