My Dilbert 1993 Comic Strip Collection

dilbertI absolutely adore comics and the first thing I read in a newspaper (The Hindu) is the Comic Strip page. My favourite one is ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ by Bill Waterson. Although there’s this Dilbert Strip by Scott Adams every weekend in the extras page. First I thought it was a Comic strip, but I ended up concluding it was a Documentary afterall. I’ve collected some stuff related to Dilbert. And I’d like to post the 1993 Collection here. 

Dilbert is an engineer who works in a large technological company. He also has a dog named Dogbert and a rat (which is not a pet) named Ratbert. The story revolves around Dilbert’s engineer nature, his boss’ maniac’ al work flow procedures, Dogberts profession ideas, etc.

The download link is given at the bottom of the post. The archive consists of 365 Dilbert Strips.

Here are some of the ones that I think are the best
















Size of the Download is 6.12 MB
Click here to DOWNLOAD my FULL “Dilbert 1993” Comic Strip Collection

Its in 7zip format. You can download the software to open the archive here. It was given in the Killer Applications section of the Site

My Second 3D Wallpaper - PLATONIC


This too is designed in Cinema 4D software. This wasn’t as hard as the previous one, but it took a lot of trials to get the correct angle. Criticism is welcome as always.

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Unknown said...

thats a really neat addition to the page soccer :) !!
commics are a must !
(ps: calvin and hobbes is my favourite too :D encore !! )

Ashok Felix said...

Ya, I wanted to post the whole Calvin and Hobbes thingy, but unfortunately I don't have them. I only had dilbert in my hands. Will have to collect Waterson's stuff some time. There are tons and tons of people out there who spend their miserable lives without knowing that Calvin and Hobbes ever existed