My First 3D Wallpaper: The Cubart

Without further delay, I present to you, my first wallpaper designed completely using 3D software (Cinema 4D).

Click on the Image for the full size, its of 1440 x 900 sizeAshok CubartThe CUBART

And here is a screenshot of the software I used – Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D

I generally work with 2-Dimensional Pictures with Photoshop (and ended up becoming a sort of an amateur pro at it). But, I’ve been waiting to try out the 3-Dimensional Designing for quite some time now. I took a lot of time to grasp the concepts. Learned several things (ALL) from the Internet tutorials. Internet can be used for a lot of productive purposes, I tell you.

I actually wanted to write a detailed tutorial as to how I designed the ‘Cubart’ (In time, I will). I am now posting the tutorial links that I learned those concepts from:

    Probably the best place to start Cinema 4D – Has Free Video tutorials for the introduction part – Very low bandwidth needed to play those videos too…. hehe…
    Although this is not ‘structured’, you have to ‘take what you can’ from the tutorials posted by users

I have a small present for you people …. which I think is an absolute necessity for everyone in India.
A list of all the banks in India. Don’t believe me, download the file and have a look yourself… It contains details of 56631 Banks in India. A goldmine if there is one around, I tell ya. The fields present in this document are:


Here is a screenshot of the last page of this excel document

RBI Bank ListClick on the image for full size

Click here to Download the excel file containing the list of banks.
Size is 13.9 MB.

Thats it for now.
Enjoy everyone.

P.S.: Don’t forget to leave a comment :)

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ajay said...

mama nuvvu keka .....

Ashok Felix said...

Thanks ra...

Unknown said...

mama nuvvu keka... series 2 !!!
hehe he :P !! really very good, like i said...the shadow part is awsome!

Unknown said...
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Ashok Felix said...

A big Thank You for that.... :)

Anonymous said...

nice, i just brought bran-new emo backgrounds to my blog

Anonymous said...
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