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Air Force Selection Board, Mysore – My Experience

Aim of this post: 
Describe my three weeks experience in the Selection for Flight Officer – Indian Air Force, 2AFSB (Air Force Selection Board), Mysore, India. I was Recommended for the 76 AEC course.
My sincere and belated thanks to C. Sandeep Giri, my Intermediate mate from LFJC whose invaluable ‘training’ sessions and unique (though odd at times) advices from his own experiences were the only reason I got through the SSB Selections.
The whole process generally takes more than 6 months. But since mine was a FTS – Fast Track Selection, the whole thing was over in apprx. two months. Here’z the overview of the selection procedure.
  1. EKT – Engineering Knowledge Test: Aptitude and Technical paper. It consists of two sections – General Engineering Test paper (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, General Aptitude – 40 Q’s) and Specialist Paper (Electronics, Computers, Mechanical, Aeronautical, etc – 35 Q’s). 60 Mins for 75 Q’s. No negative Marking. 60% aggregate in Engineering is Mandatory. Click Here for the sample paper of EKT
  2. PPDT and Group Discussion: Picture Perception and Description Test is a test of observation and Imagination. You have to observe a picture (Black/White Blurred Image) and identify the sex, age and mood of the persons present and Write a story on that picture along with the information you identified. This test is held for those who clear the EKT.
  3. Psychological Tests: Basically Written Tests to test a persons Psychology. See below for description
  4. Group Tests and Physical Tests: Both are physical tests. Group tests are held to test a candidates performance, leadership qualities and behavior when placed in a group. Physical tests are simple (not so simple) tests to test your physical ability whether you are upto the physical standards of the Indian Air Force.
  5. Interview: Individual interview for every candidate. Each interview generally takes more than half hour.
  6. Conference: Board Conference with all the officers and the President of the Selection Board, where each candidate is called individually and asked questions – sort of like a short interview.
  7. Announcing the Results
  8. Form filling and departure.
  9. Medicals in Bangalore IAM (Institute of Aerospace Medicine)
  10. Merit List Announcement.
  11. General Instructions For Reporting and Testing At Air Force Selection Board (New)
This is the overview of the selection procedure. All this takes around a week to complete if held continuously. For me, EKT and PPDT were held at Hyderabad and the selected candidates. Here is the complete step-by-step description of the selection procedure:

Visual Basic Dot Net – Course Structure

Don’t be frightened by the title name… :)VisualStudioLogo
This is just an index,  an order that a person should follow, if he wants to learn Visual Basic from the Internet. Just google for the terms given below and carry on. I completed the course a long time back. I did a Student Management Project for Jyothirmai Educational Society (finishing touches pending). I have to do a couple more projects – a Library Management System and a Student Fee Management System.

To start learning right away, you needn’t buy the software's. Microsoft was kind enough (wise enough) to release Visual Studio  Express Editions for student learning purposes. These editions are free and are more than enough for beginners to medium level users. In Microsoft’s own words “Express Editions are not the complete Visual Studio product, but are tools designed for students and hobbyists.”.
Download Visual Studio 2008 Express edition at http://www.microsoft.com/express/download/
Therez also a beta for Visual Studio 2010 there. I will give it a shot some time later, when I have enough time to spare.

Some of the sites you can refer to, when you are learning VB.net:

  1. http://www.startvbdotnet.com/
  2. http://www.programmingtutorials.com/vbnet.aspx
  3. http://www.vbdotnetheaven.com/

Courtesy: Orbit Technologies, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad.