Google Chrome Experiments –Depth of Field (Amazing)

Point No. 1: You can enjoy this, if and only if you have Google Chrome Browser.

For those who don’t have it and want to try it (for your own reasons or for enjoying this post - *hopefully… :D *), here is the link.

I’ve found this site (from Varun’s blog a long time back) and been enjoying its content ever since. We all know (atleast most of us) that Google Chrome has its own enhanced Java Script engine. Tests by Google in September 2008 showed that V8 was about twice as fast as Firefox 3.0 and the WebKit nightlies. To show case THIS advantage, Google opened up a separate section called, “Chrome Experiments” – []whose caption is - “Not your mother’s Java Script”. And the caption is true too. When you try to run these ‘experiments’ in other browsers, either they hang, crash, slow down or just be buggy.

These experiments are nothing but Java Scripts used creatively to showcase Chrome’s speed in executing Java Scripts. Here is a good example…

I absolutely love this one….  When it is playing, click in the playing area to change the view angle. You can rotate the view screen. One little piece of genius. Excellent.

Author: Mr.doob[]
Description: 300 balls form a plane, a cube, a little universe, a sphere and then disappear. Unfortunately this piece is shy and doesn't want to interact with you yet. But nothing stops you from watching it from any angle.


Don’t you just LOVE it??

Enjoy as always…. :D

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