Innovative Concept Bikes: One Wheel, Rimless, Flying, etc

Bikes that are driven on the roads today come nowhere near the kind of imaginative model that a kid likes to see. When you see the bikes below, you kind of say…. ‘wow’ or else… ‘cool’. These are the concept bikes that artists/designers imagine the future motor cycles to be. See and enjoy.

Bike Concepts:

 Bombardier_Embrio_front_and_rearbmw-imme-1200_59   Halbo-Future-Duo-Wheel-BMWwahnsinn_XLB5Q_1333honda-v4-motorcycle-concept-021235070946813

Wait… there are more…. go down… way down… ;)

fff31_ghost-aerodynamic-bike3     electric-racing-bicycle-concept-from-anthony-cioffi-futurism-01             bike-concept-01Ferrari Bikeconcept-motorbike-by-hiro-nakanotorkel_sketches rotation-city-bike3TorkelDohmerThisWayConceptBike_Right 

ICARE Bike Concepts:



Three Wheel Bike Concepts:

proxima-concept-a-merge-between-a-car-and-a-motorbike-02 Magic-Tricyclerd-futuristic-car-concept-for-peugeot-competition4 renovatio-image-2_59   scarab-motorcycle-concept

Spokeless-Tyre Bike Concepts:

nulla-minimalist-and-stylish-bike-concept-01kawasaki-synergy-concept_cWC9Q_5965speed-racing-bike-concept1 speed-racing-bike-concept2

Flying Bike Concepts:

   audi-calamaro-concept-flying-car audi-calamaro-concept-flying-car-3 bike_conceptconcept015jet-powered-flying-bike_KCZDg_5965  ktm_ascendersasta30911ac0c25ad4eafa4e324f429cfd63940d05307a3b54bb09a082d6a942bb2ee


Embrio One-Wheel Concept:

Embrio One-Wheel Concept

This hydrogen fuel cell powered, gyroscopically balanced, one-wheeled recreational and commuting vehicle provides an extraordinary vision of the kind of personal transport we could be using 20 years from now.

This hydrogen fuel cell powered, gyroscopically balanced, one-wheeled recreational and commuting vehicle provides an extraordinary vision of the kind of personal transport we could be using 20 years from now.

The design brief for the BRP EMBRIO Concept was to "create highly innovative, functional and exciting products to exceed people's recreational needs" and find the "next thing" in recreational vehicles. The result is a futuristic and minimalistic one-wheeler that is as about far away as you can get from the conventional image of a uni-cycle - a mode of transport normally associated with circuses and street parades.

Balancing Act

The riding position will be similar to a motorcycle with a complex series of sensors and gyroscopes balancing passengers on the single wheel. The rider activates a trigger on the left handlebar to accelerate and turns are made by shifting body-weight rather than actually steering.

embrio-image-2_59 When the EMBRIO concept is at rest in "stand-by configuration", the front wheels deploy to the ground like landing gear on a plane to increase longitudinal stability. The landing gear retracts when the vehicle speed reaches 20 km/h but even without the landing gear, the EMBRIO would be stable when motionless because of the gyroscope.

The EMBRIO concept's main power source is a hydrogen fuel cell and additional advanced technologies including a high-performance braking system, active suspension, night vision, a digitally encoded key and robotic assistance would be incorporated into the design.embrio-image-1_59

The Concept is constructed from lightweight materials including Polypropylene, Santoprene, nylon (injection moulding), aluminum (stamping, die casting and robotic assembly), magnesium (casting) and the use of fuel cell technology and recycling of aluminum and polyethylene is designed to make the Bombardier EMBRIO an eco-friendly design throughout its life cycle.

The BRP EMBRIO concept is one of several concepts proposed by Canadian based Bombardier Recreational Products and it received the Gold Award at the 2003 Annual Design Awards (Industrial Design Society of America & Business Week Magazine).

BMW IMME 1200:

BMW IMMEThe IMME 1200 concept motorbike was the creation of two French design students of the ISD (International School of Design).
The IMME 1200 is based around the BMW R1200 engine. The name IMME comes from a now extinct German motorcycle maker.
The IMME 1200 concept motorbike gained the interest of BMW who helped in the creation of a prototype for the 2006 Intermot Motorcycle Show in Cologne to go on show at the BMW stand.
A slick trick of the BMW IMME 1200 concept bike is that all the parts needed to be road legal, license plates, lights, mirrors can be removed with the engine start key and then the machine becomes 'track ready'.


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