Jaw-Dropping Belly-Dance by Sadie

You have to see it to believe it. I watched this video(which a friend sent me) with a pre-conviction that all I was going to get is some Egyptian girl dancing some silly steps to Shakira's 'Hips Don't Lie'. But what I got is something completely different.
Shakira has got some other talents, but when it comes to Belly Dancing, I don't think that she is anywhere near to Sadie. Just watch the first video for an idea of what I am talking about. If you liked Shakira (or even Mumaith Khan from South India), then you sure will adore this pro belly dancer.
I know this post is a little off-topic for ECEROCKS, but still, couldn't resist :D
Here is some background info on Sadie from her Bio:

Sadie is an International performing artist, instructor and choreographer who is recognized worldwide as one of today's most exciting Belly Dance artists. First seen as a “Rising Star” on BD-TV Vol.II in 2004, Sadie now has dozens of instructional and performance DVDs available, has visited over 25 countires teaching and performing the art of Belly Dance and is one of the most watched bellydancers on youtube with over 10 million hits on just one video clip alone.

Sadie trained in gymnastics and swimming for 14 years as a child and adolescent. She began practicing Belly Dance in her late teens. As a student, Sadie studied with many reputable Middle Eastern dance and music teachers from around the world. Some of the most influential moments in her education include two extended trips to Turkey where she studied and observed the dance and learning to play the doombek (Middle Eastern hand drum) via master percussionist and musician Souhail Kaspar, which impressed a great understanding of the varied Middle Eastern rhythms as well as the relationship between the music and dance.


Have Fun :)