Hyderabad Bus/Public Transport Information System–Free Application: ABIS

I know it’s been a very very long time since I wrote (my last post was back in Aug), but believe me I have been working like hell.
Well, I developed an interesting application today and I think it’ll turn out to be very useful to the people in Hyderabad or to those who are thinking of visiting Hyderabad (AND use the Public Transportation System).
I call this ABIS – APSRTC Bus Information System.
One problem a lot of us face when we visit a new place is finding the RIGHT BUS to take us to the RIGHT Place. There is no internet website/application that allows us to search through the available buses within a city. I visited the APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh Road Transport Corporation) website a week ago, and couldn’t find any searching page where I could find all the bus information. All I found was a Route Map of the City (with Bus No’s of course) and a very big image containing a chart of the routes. Opening the damn thing itself took quite sometime (and I don’t like to blame it on my broadband Smile). So I decided to make an application to solve this particular problem. I hunted around and found some info here and some info there. Aggregated all the assorted information and sat down to make what seemed to be a very dull and boring process of developing an application. And at the end of the day, it turned out to be pretty good. So good that I can distribute it as an application. As with the Gmailer application I’ve developed before, this application also requires JRE to run which you can get here or here. The advantage of using Java for developing an application is you can run the application in virutally every OS – Windows, Macintosh, Linux (All Distributions), Solaris, etc.
Download ABIS Here (Size: 216 KB)
Click here for ABIS (APSRTC Bus Information System) Project Page on Google and here for Source Forge Project Page.
Here is a screenshot of ABIS.
APSRTC Bus Schedule Information - Felix
The first tab in the application contains all the buses in and around Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, India. The fields present in this tab are
  • Route/Bus No’s
  • From
  • To
  • Via (list of places the bus goes through)
  • Up Journey-First Bus
  • Up Journey-Last Bus
  • Down Journey-First Bus
  • Down Journey-Last Bus
  • Peak Hours Frequency
  • Slack Hours Frequency.
A search form is present above the table to search through the list. Two buttons ‘Clear’ – clears the above table, ‘Load All’ – Loads all the results are present to make things easier.
Hi-Tech City Felix
The second tab contains information about the Buses that operate in and around Hi-Tech City, the Tech Hub of Hyderabad (AP). The fields present in this are:
  • Depot
  • Service No
  • Type
  • Time of Departure
  • Route No.
  • From
  • To
Simple and to-the-point application. That’s it.
Just for Kicks, I’ve added a Look and Feel Menu which changes the overall look of the application: It includes the following styles:
Metal Look and Feel Nimbus Look and Feel CDE/Motif Look and Feel Windows Look and Feel Windows Classic Look and Feel
Windows Classic